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LEAD Brevard with the Board Doctor, LLC “Leadership IMPACT”


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LEAD Brevard's Leadership Brevard Class of 2019 Leadership Action Project
This is Phase 2 of a concept to develop a way to match nonprofit organizations in Brevard County with Leadership Brevard alumni and others who are willing and ready to serve on a board of directors. A Leadership Action Project team of the Leadership Brevard Class of 2018 initiated Phase I and completed many of the deliverables outlined in the initial project. Phase 2 includes recruiting potential board members among the ranks of alumni as well as the Class of 2019 and gathering and entering their interests and skills related to board service into the system ‘database’; offering additional board governance training to interested alumni (marketing of the existing workshop offered in January 2019); and facilitating some initial matches and introducing nonprofit organizations to potential board members.

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LEAD Brevard with the Board Doctor, LLC “Leadership IMPACT”

  1. 1. Matching Leadership Brevard Alumni with Nonprofit Organizations Needing Skilled Board Members
  2. 2. • Cathy Allen—The Board Doctor, LLC • Kristin Bakke—LEAD Brevard • Anand Shah • Larissa Smirnoff • Linda Stout • Michael Ayers • Rob Broline • Lottie Odom • Bill Schaal
  3. 3. • Completion of the Beta phase • Enrollment of 20 board candidates • Enrollment of 20 nonprofit organizations • Introduction of 15 potential board candidates to nonprofit organizations • Board governance workshops offered for board candidates
  4. 4. 12 Board Candidates Registered 7 Nonprofit Organizations Participating 2 Successful Introductions Beta Testing Complete Site Transferred to LEAD BrevardPromotional Pilot for 6 months
  5. 5. Revenues Amount NFP Annual Subscription 2,500 Candidate Application Fee 2,250 Corporate Sponsorships 1,500 Governance Training Total Revenues 6,250 Expenditures Website Hosting 900 LEAD Brevard Admin Support 2,600 Promotional Materials 250 Governance Training Expenses 1,000 Total Expenditures 4,750 Net Excess Revenues 1,500 *First six months of promotional period has subscription and application fee waived.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. • Site active April 25, 2019 • Six month promotional period ends October 1, 2019 • Board Governance Training preferred – workshop dates to be determined Sign-up tonight at the IMPACT Brevard LAP table or online at
  8. 8. Presented by the Best Class Ever—the 2019 LAP Team!