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The Movement to #EndExploitation


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Presenter: Patrick Trueman and Dawn Hawkins

The movement to end sexual exploitation is here! This fight is no longer waged alone. Tens of thousands are standing up to defend human dignity and oppose sexual exploitation. National Center on Sexual Exploitation gives a bird's eye view of the fight and the many victories recently accomplished. By actively engaging the media, leading the worldwide Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation, and aggressively confronting sexual profiteering, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has re-shaped the public debate on pornography, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. Indeed, empowered by the almost half million activists supporting NCOSE campaigns, we are being invited into the boardrooms of corporations who realize that we represent the voice of Americans who are saying loudly and clearly, “Enough!”

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The Movement to #EndExploitation

  1. 1. The Movement to #EndExploitation
  2. 2. • Changes the brain • Men, women and children are developing dependencies and addictions to pornography • Impacts the physical, psychological and emotional development of our children • Destroys families • Linked with anxiety & depression • Sexual dysfunction • Normalizes sexual violence • Deters marriage and committed relationships • Exploits women and children • Increases demand for child sexual abuse images and increases child sexual abuse • Increases demand for prostituted/trafficked women and children NCOSE Addresses the Public Health Crisis from Pornography
  3. 3. 280+ National, State & Local Groups: • Child advocacy and Internet safety leaders; • Pro-family organizations; • Prevention & education groups; • Women’s rights and feminist activists; • Recovery groups for survivors, addicts, loved ones; • Law enforcement; • Medical, mental health and science experts; • Anti-trafficking groups; • State policy groups; • Technology and filtering companies; • Religious leaders; • And more…
  4. 4. Calculated and Deliberate Media Outreach
  5. 5. American Apparel stops using nudity and sex acts in their advertising Federal Communications Commission initiates first broadcast decency enforcement in 8 years Verizon removed child-themed porn videos Google stops allowing pornographic ads & improves SafeSearch Cosmopolitan Magazine covered by many retailers around the country including Walmart, Rite Aid, Food Lion RECENT VICTORIES Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood & InterContinental Hotels Group: WE ARE DONE WITH PORN! US Army & Air Force Remove Porn From Base Exchanges
  6. 6. Airlines: No More Porn Allowed Groupon promises no more porn ads Google Play kicks out explicit apps 47 Senators to AG Holder: ENFORCE OBSCENITY LAWS! Littleton, CO Library Board Votes: Filter all computers 100,000+ comments Filed -> FCC will not change policy to allow nudity BP OIL to FL gas stations: Stop selling porn RECENT VICTORIES Government Agencies, including HHS, DOD and Congress meeting with leaders to learn of PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS Utah Legislature unanimously recognizes pornography as a public health crisis
  7. 7. 83 Years of Marriage!
  8. 8. DID YOU KNOW? Federal obscenity laws, which are not being enforced, prohibit distribution of hardcore, obscene pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite or hotel/motel TV and in sexually oriented businesses
  9. 9. You Can Speak Up!
  10. 10. Patrick A. Trueman President & CEO 202-393-7245 Dawn Hawkins Vice President & Executive Director 202-393-7245