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Tara Dear


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Published in: Education
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Tara Dear

  1. 1. Patrick Marman is the high-school teacher who most encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I had the good fortune to travel overseas twice under his guidance on school trips aimed at developing youth leadership, teamwork, and community spirit.
  2. 2. At fifteen, I was part of a Borneo-bound group that climbed South-East Asia’s tallest mountain, spotted wild orang-utans while paddling down a river, and strung hammocks between trees to camp in the jungle for a night. At seventeen, my teammates and I hiked through the mountains to reach Machu Picchu and spent a week helping locals construct a mud-brick school for their village in rural Peru..
  3. 3. On both occasions, we students were responsible for booking accommodation, finding transport, and deciding on the itinerary, while Patrick stayed in the background and emerged when necessary to protect us from rabies and pickpockets.
  4. 4. These opportunities to experience off-the- beaten-path travel gave me a lifelong taste for adventurous travel, dating back to a teacher who was brave enough to let his students learn to lead.