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Inglés 4 esquema de contenidos nodales - dic 2016


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Período de orientación y evaluación - Diciembre 2016/Febrero 2017

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Inglés 4 esquema de contenidos nodales - dic 2016

  1. 1. Colegio Las Cumbres Nivel Medio - ASIGNATURA: Inglés CURSO: 4° PROFESOR/A: Barra Daniela Contenido Nodal Sub-temas inlcuidos en el contenido nodal Story and point of view: characteristics and writing. Poetry: Voice and Tone. The diary entry: characteristics and writing. Discursive and argumentative essays: characteristics and writing. Introducing quotes in texts. Summary: characteristics and writing. Speeches and Talks: characteristics and writing. Vocabulary: Inferring meaning through context. Grammar: Relative Clauses. Blog Articles: characteristics and writing. Punctuation. Grammar: Passive Voice. Argumentative, descriptive and narrative writing. Letters expressing opinions: characteristics and writing. Vocabulary: Quoting verbs Vocabulary: Verbs to analyse linguistic effects. Vocabulary: Linking devices. Informative Articles: characteristics and writing. News report: characteristics and writing. Literary theory: The Postcolonial Extensive Reading: The Village by the Sea Common errors: grammar, vocabulary and collocations. Descriptive writing: Description of people and places. Vocabulary suitable for descriptions. Grammar: Inversion Grammar: The subjunctive. Unreal past. Conditional Type 2 and 3. Wishes. Argumentative, descriptive and narrative writing for IGCSE. Vocabulary: Adjectives and adverbs. Extensive Reading: The Village by the Sea. Literary and critical analysis. 3ºTrimestre Poetic voices Narrative Voices Esquema de Contenidos para el Período de Orientación, evaluación y promoción - cierre Diciembre 2016 Cultural Voices 1ºTrimestre2ºTrimestre