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Water Research Priorities in BC - Natalya Melnychuk, BC Ministry of Agriculture

An introduction to research priorities related to water management in the BC agriculture sector necessary to support agricultural adaptation. Includes priorities identified through Climate Action Initiative regional planning processes.

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Water Research Priorities in BC - Natalya Melnychuk, BC Ministry of Agriculture

  1. 1. Water Research Priorities in BC Dr. Natalya Melnychuk Science Policy Fellow BC Ministry of Agriculture ACARN 2019 Kelowna, BC
  2. 2. Objectives • To identify water-related research priorities from the CAI strategies and projects • To share themes with ACARN to help strengthen the way the BC agricultural research community thinks about and connects to BC water concerns
  3. 3. 2012 BC Agriculture Climate Change Adaptation Risk & Opportunity Assessment 2013 - 2020 Regional Adaptation Strategies 2018 - 2023 Climate Adaptation Program Regional Adaptation Strategies Implementation Projects Farm Adaptation Innovator Program Vancouver Island 2021
  4. 4. • Using water wisely to grow crops • Improving irrigation management • Managing land sustainably • Livestock management • Flood and drought adaptation The optimistic future depends on whether agriculture is able to manage and consume water in a sustainable way. ~Iglesias &Garrote, 2015
  5. 5. Example Water-focused Projects Region Project Peace Evaluation of Irrigation Potential in the BC Peace Region Okanagan Integrated Farm Water Management Planning Pilot Project Cowichan Water Storage Knowledge Transfer Resources Cariboo Agricultural Dams Knowledge Transfer Resource Delta Flooding Preparedness and Mitigation Pilot Project Fraser Valley Climate Adaptive Drainage Management Forum 51Water Related CAI Regional Projects
  6. 6. Example Farm Adaption Innovator Projects Optimization of Water Use in Vineyards in the Okanagan Using Precision Irrigation Improving On-Farm Drainage Management to Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change in Delta, BC Expanding Cherry Production in BC Under Climate Change Climate Change Impact Risk Assessment Tool for Ponds used as Livestock Water Sources Keyline Water Management: Field Research & Education in the Capital Region Strategies to Improve Forage Yield & Quality While Adapting to Climate Change 38 Water Related CAI FAIP Projects
  7. 7. Farm-level Concerns • Irrigation (alternatives, improvements, multi-use possibilities) • Demand reduction • Crop and soil water retention • Mitigating flood/run-off/erosion risks • Assessing drainage technologies and management options • Cost-sharing for dam safety regulatory compliance • Securing water storage
  8. 8. Regional Concerns • Hydraulic modeling and monitoring • Approaches to flood preparedness, response, recovery • Infrastructure, technology, land investment and crop selection • Identification and feasibility of climate resilient storage options • Partnership strategies • Mapping water resources and interactions • Water budgeting considering climate impact for agriculture • Other sector impacts
  9. 9. Provincial Concerns
  10. 10. Agricultural Water Research Hydrology/hydrogeology Policy Development/Implementation Economics Extension Information Environmental Stewardship Watershed Management Agroecology Soil Science Soil Science Land use planning Resource Management Plant Science