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Case study newgen - marketing strategy and plan


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Web of Comms case study: Newgen Software company's marketing strategy and plan to enter the US market

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Case study newgen - marketing strategy and plan

  1. 1. Web of Comms Newgen Case Study
  2. 2. Our Objective and Task • Market Newgen in the US • Products: BPM, ECM, CCM, Case Management • Target sectors: Banking, Healthcare, State and Local, Shared Services • A detailed marketing and communication plan • Execution of certain elements
  3. 3. Our Approach Market and players Customer speak – internal external, partners and analysts Newgen Understand the three perspectives - The market and players - The customers - Newgen Via Desk research (online, Gartner magic quadrants and other freely available research or any proprietary research made available by the client like Hype cycles), customer interviews, in-depth induction about the products and services Create a detailed and articulated plan to be executed – with a communication calendar, broad themes etc
  4. 4. Deliverables at the end of this • A clear articulation of – Phase I • Where are we • Where do we need to go • How do we get there - Detailed out plan for execution – Phase II • And then the execution of the same
  5. 5. Some observations: Newgen in the middle Large players. Multiple products across geographies etcSpecialists Thunderhead Adobe Appian IBM HP Oracle PegaHyland Open text Newgen Software AG Perspective Alfresco Quovadis Newgen?
  6. 6. Old
  7. 7. Discussion Forums
  8. 8. Discussion Forums • Have one – One place where you can track everything that is said – You can answer every query – Better to be seen to be active and customer facing • Participate in others: Online specific forums as well as linkedin groups – Personas to interact in discussion forums – 2-3 personas to be created, who are active and will interact with others
  9. 9. Blog
  10. 10. Newgen Blog • Objective – Showcase thinking, products and case studies – Make the reader re-evaluate their current product – Make the reader ready to look for innovation in their requirement • Have one – With topics of interest – Topics being indexed by broad areas, and internal experts – Search engine optimised • Kind of Blog topics – Idea oriented – Process and business oriented – Perspective – Of course populate tweets ad posts from these • One blog a week (about 600-1000 words) – 2-3 posts every week on the current blog topic
  11. 11. Blog Topics • Theme: culture on innovation shows up in our R&D lad (tour of the place, newsbites about our scientists, the story of the 200 patents applied for • BPM: new trends what it means • Is the new iBPS just the same old wine in a new bottle? • Newgen’s customers on Newgen’s culture of innovation • Newgen’s timeline of innovation – this can be an infographic • Newgen’s point of view on banking, customer experience and technology • Customer is king. Technology to enable interaction with the king.
  12. 12. Key Opinion leaders We start by following them, and re-tweeting and interacting
  13. 13. Top 10 Blogs • communications-management/