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New Leaders are Strategic Leaders Too


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New Leaders are Strategic Leaders Too

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New Leaders are Strategic Leaders Too

  1. 1. New Leaders are Strategic Leaders Too
  2. 2. Strategy is the work of senior leaders STRATEGY MYTH FACTVS Leaders at every level of business need to understand strategy
  3. 3. What does this mean for new leaders? New leaders may be at the first level of leadership hierarchy, but they have a role in strategy too.
  4. 4. Understand • New leaders often see decisions only at “face value”. • Effective leaders understand that there are multiple layers to these decisions. In order to explain the “why” to others, these leaders: – Ask questions. – Scan internal and external information sources for additional data. – Offer insights and input to help shape the decision. 1
  5. 5. The leader’s frame of the strategy: • Bounds what matters in a situation. – What’s worth paying attention to. • Engages others to view a situation through the leader’s lens. • Narrow frames enable action; broad frames enable creativity. Frame2
  6. 6. Translate • A corporate strategy does not mean anything to front line employees until it is translated into actionable work that is meaningful to them. 3 New Leade r
  7. 7. • Communication should be based on your frame and translation. • Strategic communication requires that new leaders cover four different areas. Communicate4 WHAT IS EXPECTED OF US? » What are our goals? » What do you want us to do? » Am I being held accountable to results? ARE WE MOTIVATED BY WHAT WE HEAR? » What is the tone of the message? » Have we been recognized for our efforts? » Does the message have the intended emotional impact? WHAT IS OUR STRATEGY? » What is the big picture? » How does our work connect to the strategy? » Why is our work important? » What is happening that influences our work? IS WHAT I’M HEARING…? » Consistent with our business objectives? » Consistent with leader’s actions? » Consistent over time? » Consistent with what others are being told?
  8. 8. Test5 • New leaders who think strategically know their frames include assumptions and hypotheses. Strategic leaders: – Document assumptions and hypotheses to create awareness. – Fact check with multiple sources. – Share their ideas with people who have different opinions.
  9. 9. Want to learn more about building strategic leadership skills in new leaders? Let’s have a conversation