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"It's Casual" from DMAW Digital Day 2018

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"It's Casual" from DMAW Digital Day 2018

  1. 1. It’sCasual… Using SMS and Facebook Messenger to ReachYour Donors
  2. 2. BroughtTo You By… Rachel Kottler, Digital Account Manager Lautman Maska Neill & Company @lautmandc Michael Sabat, Founder @Mssg @AtMssg
  3. 3. Today’sGoals 1) Understand the messaging space (Broadcast SMS, Peer-2-Peer SMS, Facebook Messenger, Quick Donate). 2) Use messaging technology to raise money and engage with donors. 3) Best practices for each program. 4) Build and grow your own Facebook Messenger + SMS programs.
  4. 4. WhyUse Messaging Technology?
  5. 5. Text Messages ReachYour Donors • Texts are estimated to have a 99% open rate. • Response rates average 90 seconds. • It’s simply the #1 way that humans communicate.
  6. 6. It Doesn’t Take Long to Write aSMS  Your canvas is about 160 characters* and maybe an image (MMS) if you include one.  It’s quick & simple.  How long will it take to copy edit & approve that compared to an e-mail, website, or social media?
  7. 7. ItJustWorks!  Action rates, response rates, click through rates, conversion rates 2x-4x higher than e- mail or social.  By getting donors on your mobile list, you are increasing their value.
  8. 8. Messaging Options Broadcast Peer-2-Peer Text to DonateFB Messenger
  9. 9. BroadcastSMS
  10. 10. Broadcast SMS Overview  It is most similar to email.  Broadcast is one to many, but conversations are possible.  Users must opt-in to receive your text messages with broadcast.  You can use segmentation and personalization like you do in email.
  11. 11. Broadcast Uses a Short Code  The phone number is a short code (ex: 30644).  You can text in keywords to the short code to take specific actions, or opt in.  You can create different pathways, similar to automated emails.
  12. 12. BroadcastIsan EffectiveTool for: • PublicAwareness Campaigns • ReachingNew Audiences • GettingMedia Attention
  13. 13. BroadcastMakesCalling ElectedOfficialsEasy
  14. 14. GoodforRapidResponseAlerts
  15. 15. Use Broadcast to Engage your Donors • Direct people to petitions • Ask questions they can respond to via text • Ex:What’s your birthday? • Ex:Which do you like best? • You can help with voter turnout: • Voter registration • Polling place lookup • Reminders to go vote
  16. 16. How toUse Broadcast SMS for Fundraising 16
  17. 17. How ItWorks: Send aText with a Link toUnique Donation Page 17
  18. 18. IntegrateSMS into Email + Mail Campaigns 18
  19. 19. UseSMS for Sustainer Upgrades and Invites 19
  20. 20. Keep it simple. People crave EASY interactive experiences. Integrate it with fundraising and advocacy efforts. Send timely SMS reminders to donate, attend events, or take action. Remember, it’s the quickest way to reach your donors and activists! Be human. Not a robot. Use language that sounds real. Consider having a dedicated person who the texts come from. B E S T P R A C T I C E S
  21. 21. Peer-to-Peer Messaging
  22. 22. Peer-2-Peer SMS Overview  Users do NOT opt-in to join the mobile list.  Messages are from real phone numbers and area codes that reflect your actual location. Ex. 917-550-1254  Personalized 1:1 conversation at scale.
  23. 23. It’s a 1-to-1 Communications Tool • A person needs to send each text. • Conversation happens within the platform. • Highly Personal. • HighlyTargetable. • Makes it easy to engage with your donors and supporters and get them to take actions.
  24. 24. Use P2P to Drive RealWorld Action Such as Volunteer Recruitment and Event Invites
  25. 25. P2PisGreat forGetOutthe Vote(GOTV) Feels real = more accountability
  26. 26. How toUse Peer-2-Peer for Fundraising 26
  27. 27. Direct Fundraising Communication • Personalized Follow Up • Donor Stewardship • Reactivate Lapsed Sustainers • Convert Major Donor Pledges
  28. 28. Compliment Telemarketing withP2P Messaging.
  29. 29. Targeting & Data Are Important. What are the phone numbers most likely to respond? Make a Good First Impression. If you want the person to take action later and respond, focus on the first impression. Be Human. Be Consistent. Use language that sounds real. Don’t forget about responding! B E S T P R A C T I C E S
  30. 30. • No opt-in means that an organization can move fast. • It’s a live person so you can “go deep”. • Q&A and a personalized touch. • High-value situations. • People are used to answering their phone. W H AT ’ S S P E C I A L A B O U T P 2 P ?
  31. 31. Facebook Messenger
  32. 32. • 1.4 Billion Users • Data Collection & Conversion • Worldwide • No Cost Per Message • CombinesAdsWith Communications Facebook Messenger Overview
  33. 33. NewTools Like… Buttons Images, GIFs, Emojis NLP Cards Carousels Quick Replies Shares to FB Shares to Friends
  34. 34. Messenger is Digital Marketing
  35. 35. UseCases for Messenger Drive users into conversations from social, web, Facebook Ads and offline promotions. Collect contact data at rates 5-10x higher than landing pages. Acquisition Engagement One on One conversations at scale. Build deep data profiles on subscribers, based on how they talk about issues or answer subjective questions. Activation Broadcast news alerts that instantly reach subscribers with open rates at 80%. Target “Sponsored Message” ads for marketing or promotional messages that broadcast to people that have messaged the page previously. Use Cases for Messenger
  36. 36. Automated Conversation Flow in Messenger
  37. 37. It’sGoodforEngagementand Advocacy—It’saConversationso AskforResponse
  38. 38. UseItfor BreakingNews Updates,Facts, Photos,Quotes, Articles…
  39. 39. How toUse Messenger for Fundraising 39
  40. 40. Example Donation Flow
  41. 41. Conversation Rate Email Conversion Location Collection Transaction Amount Final Conversion Up to 74% 46% 30% 9% 4.9% Up to 75% 2.2% 2.2% 2.2% 2.2% Click Rate Email Conversion Final Conversion Messenger Desktop Location Collection Transaction Amount Case Study
  42. 42. PremiumOffers…Urgent Asks…SpecialDays
  43. 43. Bots aren’t cool Bots are for customer service or operations and they don’t work. Use Messenger for marketing. Existing KPIs Messenger is best utilized as an extension of digital marketing, so focus on digital marketing KPIs. Mix it up Messenger blends advanced messaging with the power of FB and the web. Use emojis, gifs, buttons and connect to shares and webpages. B E S T P R A C T I C E S
  44. 44. • Digital Marketing, not CRM. • Connected to FacebookAd Network and Social Network. • Conversions – super low costs for email and mobile number acquisition. • Smoothly connects to web, petitions and donation pages. • Very new and this is Facebook. W H AT ’ S S P E C I A L A B O U T M E S S E N G E R ?
  45. 45. Text to Donate
  46. 46. TexttoDonate Overview • Donations Added to a Phone Bill • Low donation amounts - $5/$10/$25 • 501c3’s only • Only transactions, no communications
  47. 47. TexttoDonate AlsoCalled Mobile Donations or Text to Give
  48. 48. Earned Media Mobile Giving is best used during news events with free/earned media, celebrities and large live events Show Me the Money! The organization is choosing to get a one time donation rather than capture the person and collect data. Clear and Repeated CTA It’s the fastest way to donate, but take your time with the call to action and make it easy for people to text in. B E S T P R A C T I C E S
  49. 49. Quick Donate • Email, broadcast SMS, P2P and FB Messenger are really just linking to a donation web form. • If we save the supporter’s credit card, can we just trigger a donation with a response or click? • Requires a lot of data • Higher Average Gift and Frequency! • About 40x (4,000%) more than having an email address.
  50. 50. 50 Build andGrowYour Program
  51. 51. GrowthWill HappenOver Time
  52. 52. StartCollecting Numbers & Asking forOpt- ins onYour Forms Now More promotion = more subscribers = more action.
  53. 53. Add Mobile to Advocacy Forms 53
  54. 54. AskYour Email List 54
  55. 55. Promote on Social Media 55
  56. 56. 56 Put It onYour Website
  57. 57. 57 Add Keyword + Shortcode to Rally Signs
  58. 58. Include inYour Videos 58
  59. 59. 59 Got Celebrity Followers? AskThem toTweet
  60. 60. More People + More Action
  61. 61. What’s Next?
  62. 62. QUESTIONS? #DigitalDay2018 Thank you! Rachel Kottler, Digital Account Manager Lautman Maska Neill & Company @lautmandc Michael Sabat, Founder @Mssg @AtMssg