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Kevin moran-gdpr-presentation


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GDPR, A Digital Perspective

Published in: Marketing
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Kevin moran-gdpr-presentation

  1. 1. GDPR: A Digital Perspective Seizing the Opportunity for your Business
  2. 2. Introduction to IMS ‣ Full service marketing agency based in Galway ‣ Team of 15 people ‣ Specialise in international marketing programmes ‣ Strategic Branding ‣ International Marketing ‣ New Product Development ‣ Digital Marketing
  3. 3. Evolution of Marketing Pre-Digital Marketing Era 50% of the money I spend on marketing is ineffective but I don’t know which 50%.
  4. 4. 1996 Evolution of Marketing If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. - Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder 1997
  5. 5. Globally social media usage has doubled since 2011 Global Population: 7.5bn
  6. 6. Websites: the #1 investment for Irish companies in 2018 MediaCom, 2018 Marketing Sentiment Survey: 48% of companies planned to invest in their website in 2018
  7. 7. Digital Spend greater than all other types of spend combined in 2018 Spending on digital advertising in Ireland in 2018 will be higher than the sum of all other types of traditional media advertising spending combined.
  8. 8. And globally is forecast to double between 2015 and 2021…
  9. 9. ‣ Instant global reach ‣ Size matters less ‣ Precision targeting ‣ Highly data driven ‣ Measurable and scalable (ROI) ‣ Exponential growth in digital tools available for promotion and analytics What is Driving Growth?
  10. 10. But maybe we are moving too fast! ‣ Concerns about personal data collected ‣ How much do companies know about us ‣ Lack of control over my data ‣ Unsolicited communications ‣ Estimated to be 54% of all e-mails sent daily are spam ‣ Unprofessional marketing practices and high profile data breaches damaging the reputation of the industry ‣ Poor regulation and enforcement
  11. 11. In some ways Digital Marketing has been a victim of its own success …but without controls and enforcement resembles the Wild West
  12. 12. An opportunity to bring some order….
  13. 13. Short term pain but long term gain for marketing
  14. 14. Short Term: it means getting our house in order…
  15. 15. Digital Audit and Implementation
  16. 16. Digital Marketing Challenges ‣ Website redevelopment of your forms may involve cost ‣ Explicit opt-in on contact forms may increase the barrier for lead generation in the short term ‣ Time and investment may be required on your present and historical databases or CRM to ensure the customer data is clearly tagged ‣ E-Mail marketing without explicit opt-in cannot happen beyond the May 25th deadline. Expect the majority of your e-mail database to be redundant after May 25th ‣ Your marketing processes will have to ensure that opt- outs are managed into the future
  17. 17. Longer Term Opportunities Avoid complaints, audits and possible fines ‣ GDPR is high profile and customers will be more aware of their rights than ever before Trust ‣ Customers will see greater value in your communications as they will have opted-in for them Engagement ‣ Quality of engagement will increase as people will have a genuine interest in hearing from you
  18. 18. Longer Term Opportunities More reliable data analytics ‣ Better quality data from engaged customers will provide clearer business direction Increased profile of marketing in the organisation ‣ In many cases, marketing will need to take the lead internally around a culture of customer privacy Positive PR ‣ Communicates the professional approach your organisation is taking ‣ Differentiate your business and approach
  19. 19. Summary ‣ Congratulations for being here today. It says that you wish to take GDPR serious for your business ‣ Digital marketing is here to stay and growing very quickly but GDPR will bring greater control, professionalism and trust ‣ Act now – It is the law and the deadline is less than one month away ‣ There are short term challenges and possibly cost to get ready ‣ But long term it will build confidence, greater customer knowledge and differentiation for your business ‣ Thank you