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Rocking at ruby!


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Workshop to teach beginners about Object Oriented Programming in Ruby.

All information necessary can be found on:

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Rocking at ruby!

  1. 1. Rocking at Ruby! Let’s build a rock-paper-scissors game in ruby.
  2. 2. Introductions Ester Kais I press buttons @ YoungCapital Blog: LinkedIn:
  3. 3. Schedule: # Intro: How do you program with a gemstone? # Warming up: how to make your own animals. # Getting down to business: hello gaming industry! # Closing the shop: Don’t stop here..
  4. 4. GIDDY UP! How do you program with a gemstone?
  5. 5. JavaScript
  6. 6. All the C’s!
  7. 7. Thank the cheerful Japanese programmer for ruby!
  8. 8. let’s cut this gem! Shall we make your own animals?
  9. 9. What does the fox say?
  10. 10. What does the fox say?
  11. 11. Ruby action: write with me!
  12. 12. What does the fox say? What if the action is the same, but outcome is different? # Cat: meow! # Dog: woof! # Fox: RingaDingaDing (something)! First scary word: # Initializer..
  13. 13. Ruby action: write with me!
  14. 14. There you have it! Strength and weakness of programming: # You’re in control: what you tell the computer, the computer believes. # Cats can bark, dogs can honk!
  15. 15. let’s take it up a notch! Conquering the gaming industry!
  16. 16. Ruby action: write with me! # Rock, Paper, Scissors Game # Practice methods, variables, data types, conditionals.. # Advanced - add sparkle: # Nice texts; # Ask for & use player names; # Points system; # ...
  17. 17. Final product..for now..
  18. 18. Don’t stop here! # Check if the word entered is indeed rock, paper or scissors; # Count points; # Ask to play again; # Make it a two player; # ...
  19. 19. Thank you so much!