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Welcome to TX New Families 2015


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Welcome presentation to new families at TX August 2015.

Published in: Education
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Welcome to TX New Families 2015

  1. 1. Tu Xuong Primary Campus 25 August 2015
  2. 2.  Mr Ian Battersby (Head of Tu Xuong Campus)  Ms Mary McAloon (Deputy Head of Tu Xuong Campus)  Ms Hayley Dodds (EYFS Leader)  Ms Estelle Burder (MP1 Leader)  Mr Mike Martin (MP2 Leader)  Mr James Hornby (MP3 Leader) Welcome to our Campus Tu Xuong Leadership Team 25 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families 2
  3. 3. The British International School is a caring and multicultural community that enables all individuals to develop as learners and leaders in a dynamic and challenging environment. We value enquiry, perseverance and reflection, act with integrity and treat one another with respect while learning together as responsible global citizens. Our Mission Statement 325 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families
  4. 4. Graded as ‘outstanding’ by the British Government  ‘The ethos, nature and appearance of the school are recognisably British, and mirror what would be found in the independent sector in the UK.’  ‘The curriculum at BIS is excellent. It is broad, balanced and offers students a wide range of learning opportunities, tailored to meet their needs and to challenge them.’  ‘Teaching and assessment are excellent: the proportion of top quality teaching is outstanding.’  ‘Effective questioning from both teacher and teaching assistants encourage children to apply intellectual, physical or creative efforts to think and learn for themselves.’ British School Inspection 425 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families
  5. 5. Core Subjects  Maths  English  Science Subjects in our Curriculum 525 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families IPC Subjects  Geography  History  Design Technology  Art Specialist Subjects  French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese Culture and Language, English as an Additional Language, Learning Support, Music and ICT
  6. 6.  Ms Jane (English as an Additional Language (EAL) Leader)  Ms Heather (EAL Teacher)  Mr. Steve (Learning Support Teacher)  Mr. Jon (Music Teacher)  Mr. Ali (PE Teacher)  Ms Gemma (ICT Teacher)  Ms Jules (Information Literacy Teacher)  Ms Alice, Ms Sara, Ms Fiorella (Modern Foreign Language Teachers) Welcome to our Campus Specialist Teachers 25 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families 6
  7. 7.  Why not become a member of our Student Council?  You could be an Eco Warrior or Eco Scout.  In Year 6, you could be elected to the position of House Captain.  Yellow Ribbon holders have the freedom of the campus. We like to hear everyone’s voice! Pupil Voice 725 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families
  8. 8. 825 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families Monitoring Progress First Term Foundation Stage Parent and Teacher meetings Assessments Mid-Term Reports Parent and teacher meetings Second Term Assessments Parent and teacher meetings Third Term Assessments End of Year Reports.
  9. 9. Community Projects Residential Trips Fine Dining Star of the Week Masters of Learning Developing the Whole Child 925 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families
  10. 10. 1025 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families Specialist Groups and Clubs Specialist Groups Offered all year Give children the chance to develop skills. May involve playing for a school team. Clubs Offered for a limited number of weeks each term and will change each term. CHQ system for making club choices for your child.
  11. 11. 1125 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families Morning Routines  Stop, Drop and Go  Use your security card at the gate  Children line up in the playground when the bell goes.
  12. 12. 1225 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families Welcome Pack  Parent Handbook  Security Identity Card
  13. 13. 1325 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families Ensure a good start to the day. Attend our parent workshopsRead the Newsletters on the BIS HUB Healthy Lifestyle Follow the class blog at least once a week. The Learning Partnership
  14. 14. 1425 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families Be a Part of the Community Upcoming Events Welcome and Welcome Back Breakfast Date: August 26th, 2015 Time: 8am Venue: The Foyer
  15. 15. 1525 August 2015 | Welcome to New Families High Tea at Villa Royale Date: Monday, September 7th, 2015
  16. 16. Thank you.