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Hunter Confab18


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Bears dancing in high heels. Compelling content for conversational interfaces.

Published in: Design
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Hunter Confab18

  1. 1. Bears dancing in High Heels Compelling content for conversa2onal interfaces
  2. 2. Past, present, future Voice as the next tech UI pivot Voice-only Bi-, mul8-, inter-, cross-modal
  3. 3. Exchange meaning Relate Share emotion Transact Inform & get informed Fill time Amusement
  4. 4. Where we are updates and messages trivia, facts, educa8on quizzes, tasks, reminders, requests, lists games simple transac8ons environment (lights, music, and sleep aids)
  5. 5. I bought an Echo, and now Alexa is basically a member of the family.
  6. 6. MIA so far things we already do with voice explana8ons debates complex meaning subtlety sophis8cated humor real conversa8on
  7. 7. Goldilocks Story Rhythm Life lessons Feeling language Experimenta8on Balance
  8. 8. Balance Feedback loops to reach and maintain “just right”
  9. 9. Ginger Rogers (Astaire) was able to do dances on screen that would have been impossible to risk if he hadn't had a partner like Ginger - as skillful as she was aOrac8ve.
  10. 10. Backwards and in high heels Verbal interac8ons have their own sets of expecta8ons and rules about content and metadata that are ingrained, subtle, and challenging Going beyond choreography to an8cipa8on, interpreta8on, response, and grace
  11. 11. Content that maOers transac8onal: what do I want? what is required to make that happen? informa8onal: what do I want and need to know? what order and structure maOer? will what I hear make me want more? entertaining: what am I looking for? what keeps me interested and returning? educa8onal: what do I need to learn? what helps me? how do I know I’m learning?
  12. 12. Opportuni8es faster, easier, more enjoyable just enough fresh contextual relatable recallable sharable clearly predictable or clearly surprising
  13. 13. ”I really need to see you”
  14. 14. Challenges you’ll face voice is harder listening is more prone to distrac8on limits of working memory > focus over absorp8on remembering is increasingly outsourced informa8on is needed now and later delivery maOers and can be very personal
  15. 15. Words are hard This is not “no UI / zero interface” How meaning happens is not straightforward Natural things are harder to design for
  16. 16. Faster Easier More enjoyable Useful for daily life Satisfying Contextually appropriate Engaging Innovative Pleasing
  17. 17. Principles, part 1 radio rules - essen8al, no dead air, aOen8on is king, ledes, 8ming, order, what’s most important gricean sensical faster, easier, more enjoyable chunking extensible (give me more) recoverable, to be con8nued
  18. 18. Principles, part 2 * ear-pleasing * aesthe8c energy * WIIFM feel - allitera8on, rhythm, melody, spontaneity rule of 3s * story structure * light humor * quotable (soundbites) * comparison and contrast
  19. 19. Good examples jeopardy flash briefing Magic door
  20. 20. Bad examples Well…
  21. 21. Other Resources The Media Equa8on: How People Treat Computers, Television, and New Media Like Real People and Places Voice User Interface Design Designing Voice User Interfaces: Principles of Conversa8onal