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Comparing Bot Builders - BENCHMARK BY EBG - BARCELONA 2018


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Comparing Bot Builders - BENCHMARK BY EBG - BARCELONA 2018

  1. 1. # Bot Builders Sector overview & solutions for companies
  2. 2. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # SPEAKERS FLORIANE COLOMBIER Senior Consultant THINKMARKET ARNAUD MARCILLY Managing Partner Co-founder THINKMARKET
  3. 3. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # WHAT IS A BOT?
  4. 4. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE VS BOT Understand the user Manage a conversati on Automate a task Identify what is being asked in a conversation Put relevant informations in context Replace the human on specific actions and humanize automated tasks A bot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users. Bot and AI are not necessarily related. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a feature that can be embedded to improve a bot through the used of Natural Language Processing technologies
  5. 5. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # MARKET TRENDS
  6. 6. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # MARKET FORECAST THE RAISE IN BOTS OFFERING IS DRIVEN BY CONSUMERS DEMAND ENCOURAGING FUTURE FOR BOTS A BOOMING MARKET Forecasts expects bots to be used by 1/4 of the household (worldwide) Bots could account for up to 40% mobile interactions by 2020(1) The bots market is expected to grow by more than 37% p.a during the next 4 years… …to reach $ 994 million in 2024(2) 35% of consumers ask for more bots (Comarketing news, 2017) (1) Gartner / Business Wire, 2016 (2) Stratégies, Le marché des chatbots en 10 chiffres, 2017
  7. 7. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # A RESPONSE TO NEW RELATIONAL AND BUSINESS MODELS Proactive contact Reversing traditional relational model Making the brand available in an ecosystem that used to be dedicated to private use Using conversational codes to bring the brand closer to customers Permanent availability Ready to answer any questions at any time 24/7 Enabling to stop missing customer contacts, being there when they want to pick up information Personalized interactions Remaining connected to CRM or knowledge bases to give customized answers Giving a personality, transfering the brand identity in your customer relationship
  8. 8. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # AUTOMATE SIMPLE TASKS INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVE CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE A NEW OPPORTUNITY TO OPERATIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS IN ORDER TO REACH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION « 56% estimate that bots will simplify customers’ everyday life » (Huffpost, 2017) « In 2017, 26% of the french population had already tried a bot » (Huffpost, 2017) KEY BENEFITS
  9. 9. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # BENCHMARK
  10. 10. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # 6 CRITERIA TO EVALUATE A BOT BUILDER CONFIGURATION AND SCALABILITY • Easiness of journeys modelling • Bot configuration • Test interface USER EXPERIENCE • Compatibility with contact channels • Adaptation to the UX • Available interfaces PROCESSING CAPACITY • Natural language processing • Learning • Functionalities PARTNER ROBUSTNESS • Sectoral expertise • Company sustainability • Support and project management INTEGRATION EASINESS • Interfacing with information system • Accessibility to non-technical profiles BUSINESS MODEL • Manageable costs • Well-defined business model
  11. 11. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # EDITOR MAPPING END-USER PLATFORM SOFTWARE VENDORS DESIGNER DEVELOPER PLATFORM Turnkey solution to easily create bots without coding and accessible to everyone Specialized in conception, relies on an ecosystem of technical partners Gives relevant toolkits to developers to build a bot 2 categories: business experts and industry experts – Offers dedicated to integrated features Tailor made bot Ability to deal with complex use cases Natural language processing skills X Requires technical skills : integrator if no internal competences X Complex project managagement / Higher costs Easy to use Immediate roll-out on social media User friendly interface to create workflow X Integration to your information system X Maintenance of your knowledge base Knowledge of specific sectorial use cases Back offiice accessible to non-technical profiles Centralized knowledge base X Limited processing skills X Internalisation of key skills Support on all stages of the project Definition of an editorial line X No ownership on technologies X Maintenance
  12. 12. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # RECOMMANDATIONS • Identify the relevant use cases according to your goal (selfcare, shopbot, …) and your assets (API, web services, knowledge base, …) • Choose your interface cleverly regarding your customer behavior • Integrate it in your customer journey to make your bot easily reachable 2. GO BEYOND FUNCTIONNAL REQUIREMENTS, THINK FURTHER • Manage a consistant bot strategy in your approach • Anticipate the impact on your organization and consider the lenght of time your team will spend on maintening and adjusting the bot • Opt for a sustainable and clear business model 3. GENERATE A CONVERSATION THAT MAKES SENSE • Adapt the required processing skills to your goal • For a long term use, select technologies that include Natural Language Processing capacities and learning features • Test, adjust, test again! 1. DEFINE THE REASON WHY YOU WANT TO IMPLEMENT A BOT
  13. 13. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PANEL DISCUSSION
  14. 14. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PRESENTATION OF THE SPEAKERS Project’s genesis Inherent technology choices Focus on project management and IT integration Progress of the project and painpoints Laura BOKOBZA Executive VP - Digital, Marketing and Comms, Business Development GROUPE PICHET Hugo ROUSSET Director Information Management Digital AIR FRANCE
  15. 15. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # CONTACTS Floriane COLOMBIER Senior Consultant floriane.colombier@thi Arnaud MARCILLY Managing Partner Co-founder arnaud.marcilly@thi