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Day 6: The Path to Suffrage


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Unit Review

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Day 6: The Path to Suffrage

  1. 1. The Path To Suffrage Unit Review
  2. 2. Starter and Objective Starter: How does passage of the Nineteenth Amendment apply today? I Can Statement: I can explain ideas about women’s suffrage studied during this unit.
  3. 3. Review Document Use the review document or the link to the document placed on Canvas to begin the review. Students have10 minutes to fill in all the blanks they can remember from the unit lessons. Working in pairs is allowed.
  4. 4. Review Game Activity  Students in groups of four make a team. Each team needs a white board and dry erase marker to write their answer if the first answer is incorrect.  Each team member will take their turn answering a question read by the teacher. Students not answering the question will check their review form to fill in any missing spaces.  Each team will send a student to the bench where they will use a clean flyswatter to hit the laminated card (mounted at least five feet away from players) they believe has the correct answer.  A scorekeeper will be needed for this activity.  The teacher will give the first student with the correct answer a point for their team.
  5. 5. Review Game Activity 2 Continue the game until all students have taken a turn to answer a question. Students with mobility issues can use a substitute runner to randomly hit the wall or board where answers are displayed. Team member seated will give their answer. Collect flyswatters, whiteboards and dry erase markers from students when the timer rings.
  6. 6. Review Activity Reflection Students will be asked to write what they learned while playing the flyswatter game. Students can use the back of their review page (or add it to the electronic form) to write their reflection. describing how one event the review activity on The Path to Women’s Suffrage helped them understand. Be prepared to share your reflection. Students may ask about one event during the review activity on The Path to Women’s Suffrage they want to better understand.