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Presentation and demonstration TOPdesk - Sanne de Ridder


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Demonstration TOPdesk

Published in: Technology
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Presentation and demonstration TOPdesk - Sanne de Ridder

  1. 1. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Get to know TOPdesk
  2. 2. TOPdesk on Tour Sanne De Ridder Sales Manager
  3. 3. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Presentation topics • TOPdesk in a changing world • Your challenges as service provider • How TOPdesk will guide you • TOPdesk Service Excellence guides • TOPdesk live demo
  4. 4. 14 Offices 11 countries4,821 customers750+ employees1 product 25 years in business Software- and consultancy 8 Sales Partners40 Solution Partners60+Implementations /month 300.000+ users 60% ESM Implementations $ 50M Revenue Singapore ‘19 Australia ‘19 New Partners 2019 : Italy Spain Portugal Ireland Finland
  5. 5. TOPdesk on Tour The digital transformation
  6. 6. TOPdesk on Tour
  7. 7. TOPdesk on Tour Challenges for you as service provider
  8. 8. TOPdesk on Tour Do you meet your customer’s expectations?
  9. 9. TOPdesk on Tour Fragmented services
  10. 10. TOPdesk on Tour Is bespoke work the solution?
  11. 11. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour How TOPdesk will guide you
  12. 12. Service Management Processes •Call •Reservation •Order Escalation Assets Locations Services SLA’s en Contracts Clients Front-Office Back-Office •Changes •Maintenance & reparations •Rent Suppliers
  13. 13. Service Excellence by breaking down silos Employees / Customers / Citizens Suppliers and service provider Facilities Enterprise Service Management Finance …ICT HR
  14. 14. Service Management Availability and Performance monitoring ITSM Automation IT Building maintance FMIS Innovation Facilities HR Talent management eHRM PayrollingPayroll Service Providers
  15. 15. TOPdesk Marketplace - Ecosystem Meet our partners today !
  16. 16. TOPdesk clients • More than 4500 clients • More than 5000 implementations • More than 45 countries Meet our clients today! Customer satisfaction score 2018: 8,4
  17. 17. TOPdesk klanten – Public • More than 100 local governments • IT, Facility, technical service dept. And Citizen Support • Integrations with e.g. Arinto, OnzeStadApp and GIS. Meet our clients today! Customer satisfaction score 2018: 8,4
  18. 18. TOPdesk on Tour The route to service excellence
  19. 19. TOPdesk on Tour Our approach
  20. 20. TOPdesk on Tour Excellent services with TOPdesk • Exceed the end users’ expectations • Collaborate easily with other departments: shared service management
  21. 21. TOPdesk on Tour Excellent services with TOPdesk • An easy implementation with an out-of-the-box solution • ‘’Continuous deployment’’ • You only pay for the modules you need
  22. 22. My new job t First day Getting to know everything Attempt to work End first month Touchpoints Team lead Colleagues Service desk Self-service Experience Chances for improvement Introduction Self-service portal - FAQs commencement - Work stage per function group Authorizations in function profile Ask feedback at end of the month
  23. 23. TOPdesk on Tour What is the effect of good self-service?
  24. 24. TOPdesk on Tour Shared service management growth model Nothing shared Working together in one tool Combined SC in the self-service portal One central service desk Time Quality Shared processes Per department / organizations Shared
  25. 25. Better together • Customer centric • Integration with other systems • Seamless implementation and future services with the help of TOPdesk Consultancy
  26. 26. TOPdesk Services Implementation Consultancy Integration Consultancy Strategic Consultancy Modules Processes Rights & Roles Links Technical consultancy System integration Service optimisation Project Management Health Check / Audit
  27. 27. Pick the support you need You do most of it yourself We do it together We do most of it for you You TOPdesk
  28. 28. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk demonstration
  29. 29. TOPdesk on Tour