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Australian International Education Conference - Social Marketing


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International Education Marketing: Connecting Globally through Digital and Social Media Engagement

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Australian International Education Conference - Social Marketing

  1. 1. Social for Global Reach and Local Relevance Derek Laney Director Product Marketing @derektweets
  2. 2. Got one of these?
  3. 3. Tips for Building Scale
  4. 4. Lorna Jane Video
  5. 5. Scalable Strategy – Local Goes Global Move, Nourish, Believe
  6. 6. Digital Engagement Guidelines and Assessments Engage and React Build Brand Awareness and Increase Brand Affinity Shared Learning Research Monitoring Measuring Reporting Key Stakeholders take assessments Engage and React Location Insights Value Adds Local Global Being the Concierge
  7. 7. Using the Army
  8. 8. More… Today’s Learning Objectives: Scalable Content Scalable Service Scalable Community More … in our ebook for education