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Delia Kidd: Developing Life Skills and Learning Through Play


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Developing Life Skills and Learning Through Play

Published in: Education
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Delia Kidd: Developing Life Skills and Learning Through Play

  1. 1. Developing life skills and learning through play Delia Kidd Senior ELT Research Manager Cambridge University Press ©Eaquals Eaquals International Conference | Madrid | 11-13 April 2019 #eaquals19madrid
  2. 2. Why talk about play? ©Eaquals #eaquals19madrid Stop playing around! You can go and play if you finish…
  3. 3. Types of play free guided co-opted structured child child adult adult Initiated Directed #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  4. 4. Play is learning Children learn best when … • they are cognitively active and engaged; • the learning experience is meaningful and socially interactive; • learning is guided by a specific goal; • they are having fun… PLAY #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  5. 5. Cambridge Life Competencies Framework collaboration critical thinking learning to learn communication creative thinking social responsibilities #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  6. 6. Communication #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  7. 7. #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals Creative Thinking
  8. 8. Critical Thinking #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals DESCRIBE DECIDE COMPARE EXPLAIN
  9. 9. Classroom materials #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  10. 10. #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  11. 11. #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  12. 12. Summary • Research shows that play is highly beneficial in supporting the development of life competencies • Provision for play in classrooms is under threat • There are different types of play that have benefits within varied contexts • Play can easily be incorporated into the classroom with the use of materials and some creative thinking! #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  13. 13. Further reading • Mourão, S. (2014). ‘Taking play seriously in the pre- primary English classroom’. ELT Journal, (68: 3). Pages 254–264 abstract/68/3/254/455644?redirectedFrom=fulltext • Whitebread, D. et al. (2017). The role of play in children’s development: a review of the evidence (research summary). The LEGO Foundation, DK. • The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework (2019), Cambridge University Press • PEDAL Hub: New Cambridge White Paper #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals
  14. 14. Thank you #eaquals19madrid©Eaquals