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Alyson Fadil: Engaging Leaders & Managers


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Sofology People Director, Alyson Fadil, talks engaging leaders and managers and how Sofology created an engagement culture based on their brand values. Alyson outlines how their model empowers their employees to make the best choices across the organisation.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Alyson Fadil: Engaging Leaders & Managers

  1. 1. Engaging Managers & Leaders Alyson Fadil
  2. 2. • Where are we on our journey • Our objectives • Creating a culture • Creating values • Communicating • Engaging and enabling managers and leaders Content
  3. 3. A Transformational Journey ClaytonSales Rooms Founded 1974 1992 CS Lounge Suites Launched Rebranded to CSL 2005 2013 Rebranded to SofaworksNeal was born Sofologya new sofa buying experience 2016
  4. 4. Our Vision- Retail is changing Content, visualisation and presentation Direct Outlet Web Mobile App Virtual StoreStore
  5. 5. Business Objectives “Feeling at home on a sofa you love” • Brand first • Experiential in approach • Omni Channel is coming – are we Omni ready? • Move to a truly service centric business • Remain commercial • Empoweringour people to make the right decisions • Change enabled
  6. 6. Employee Value Proposition EVP Employer Brand Internal Comms Recruitment Engagement HR Strategy Corporate Brand
  7. 7. Building our Culture A series of workshops that enabled us to understand who, what, where and the how we want our customers (internal and external) to ’feel’ about our brand Stage 1 - Being the customer Stage 2 - Why is Sofology different? Stage 3 - Different for the sake of being different Stage 4 - Creating an exceptional experience Stage 5 - Refine and measure
  8. 8. Being the customer
  9. 9. Communication – you can never have enough • Introduction of Google + • Workshops • Roadshows • Listening Groups – drop in centers • YSWD – responding to feedback • Relentless • Passionate/Positive/Pacey • Committed to celebrating individual and group involvement
  10. 10. Exceptional Experiences that empower the best choices
  11. 11. The ‘Feel’ of the business is important to define our culture What we didn’t want: • Top Down • Prescriptive • Descriptive to business only • None belief • Live on a wall Defining Culture
  12. 12. Sofologists Say – Employee Opinion Survey Relaxed Family Customer Focused InnovativeChallenging Exciting Fair Progressive Fun
  13. 13. Our Values
  14. 14. Measuring our values N P S
  15. 15. Engaging our customer & teams
  16. 16. Summarise Having a voice Cross section of the business Co creation – ask the right questions Demonstrate and offer encouragement Praise the right behaviors & publicise them Accept controversial discussion Relentless communication Reward against the key metrics i.e. Service