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Managing Performance Like a Product


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It’s pretty widely accepted that performance impacts business success. So where do you start and how do you make sure you’re successful? It’s not just about making the slowest pages faster or having the fastest root cause analysis in a fire drill. We need to start to manage performance like a product and use data to gain clear prioritization of efforts and improve performance where it matters most.

There will always be emergencies, but we can use product management strategies and data to help us work smarter; allowing us to identify and focus on the most impactful places to optimize. Maximize efforts and impact by making sure you and your team are focused on what matters most to your company, customers and bottom line. We’ll step through some of the keys of product management and how to apply them to performance and optimization projects.

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Managing Performance Like a Product

  1. 1. Lauren Younger, DPM Product Line Lead, Akamai @llyounger How to Manage Performance Like a Product
  2. 2. Years as PM 15 Lauren Younger Product Line Lead, Digital Performance Management Akamai @llyounger
  3. 3. 4
  4. 4. ● Improving Conversions Performance is about Product management is about Optimising a product to achieve business goals Jeremy Wagner - Web Fundamentals matters/#performance_is_about_improving_conversions ● The User Experience ● People ● Retaining Users
  5. 5. The Basics Define 02 Prioritize 03 Communicate 04 Understand 01
  6. 6. The Basics Prioritize 03 Communicate 04 Understand 01 Define 02
  7. 7. The Basics Understand 01 Define 02 Prioritize 03 Communicate 04
  8. 8. The Basics Understand 01 Define 02 Prioritize 03 Communicate 04
  9. 9. The Basics Understand 01 Define 02 Prioritize 03 Communicate 04
  10. 10. Understand
  11. 11. The Problem
  12. 12. The Market and Competition “In order to gain market share, we needed to have visibility as to how our website compared.” - Erick Leon, Senior Performance and Monitoring Architect at Carnival Cruise Lines
  13. 13. The Customer Experience “A lot of the customer experience is not translated when you are trying to measure performance using page load.” - Khyati Vyas, Former Sr. Program Manager, Nordstrom
  14. 14. Use quantitative AND qualitative data Bounce Rate 49% Happy Clients ?%
  15. 15. Define
  16. 16. Define Your Success ● Create a business case ● Get stakeholder buyoff ● Have measurable goals
  17. 17. COOK increased conversion rate by 7% after cutting average page load time by 0.85 seconds. Bounce rate also fell by 7% and pages per session increased by 10%
  18. 18. Prioritize
  19. 19. 21 Prioritization is hard. ● We’re not naturally good at it ● We want to do everything ● Use your data, not your opinion ● Go back to your goals ● Say no!
  20. 20. 22
  21. 21. Communicate
  22. 22. I do not communicate with Ziggy and Otis in the same way. Different: ● Frequency ● Tone ● Content ● Emphasis ● Repetition Different audiences require different communication
  23. 23. Cross-Functional Management Engineering Ops QA Marketing Product You Management
  24. 24. 26 Measure Results! ● Test your solutions ● Look back before you look forward ● Create a clear plan to address open issues
  25. 25. Share Your Success! And celebrate like Ziggy would!
  26. 26. 28 Lather, Rinse, Repeat 1. Understand 2. Define 3. Prioritize 4. Communicate
  27. 27. Thank You @llyounger Twitter for questions Instagram for pics of Otis and Ziggy