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Free TESOL Course Online - Getting Started Workshop


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This is a 30-hour Nuts & Bolts Course to get up to speed quickly to teach ESL online to kids. I have used this program to mentor over 520 teachers to teach online. 
This is an ESL Professional Development Course NOT a TESOL Certificate Program.

This is a foundation course. It will give you the basics needs to create a solid footing to teach ESL online to children.

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Free TESOL Course Online - Getting Started Workshop

  1. 1. The Online ESL Mentoring Program: Getting Started Workshop The Getting Started Workshop Task Sheet is designed to help you organize what you need to get started teaching ESL online from home. Rememberput things in your classroom that make you feelhappy and make you smile. This will create a positive and relaxed teaching environment for you and the student. Call to Action for this workshop: 1. Make a List: Posta list of things you need to do before class 2. Make a list of things you need in your classroom 3. Post 1 addition thing you think you need to get started in the commentsectionunder this video. Getting Started: 1. A simple background for your class. 2. It MUST be quiet when you teach. Limit the distractions. 3. Lighting is very important. 4. Camera: Having a very good camera is so important. Get a more advanced Logitechcamera. us/video/webcams 5. Limit the distractions: Postthe rules on your door, get rid of your doorbell,turn off your notifications for programs on your computer and your phone. 6. Reward system:You need to have 2 rewards system.
  2. 2. 7. Props:Keep it simple when you get started. The amount of props you use is based on your teaching style. 8. Make sure you keep a relaxed teaching environment 9. Feedback:Notebook:Take notes during class on problems a student had during class. Here is a free feedbacktool to help you with your feedbackfor each class. 10. It is OK to drink (water, juice, tea etc.) in the classroom but NO eating. Just try to time when you are drinking in class. 11. Teaching Environment: Standing desk or comfortable chair Don’t teach from the bed,car, outdoors,and sit up straight. 12. Encourage students.Come up with 4 to 5 differentphrases you can use to encourage your students. I encourage my students using phrases about 15-20 times in a 25-minute class. Make a List: Post a list of things you need to do before class like turning off notifications on your computer,turning off your phone, sitting up straight,camera angle,and no eating. Make a list: Make a list of things you need in your classroom like props,reward system,encouraging phrases,and a good feedback system.
  3. 3. This workshop Getting Started is so important because it helps you setup your teaching environment and gives you some tips to rememberwhen teaching. This will take away a lot of the distraction so you can focus on your classes. In each of these workshops, it is important to take action so you can teach ESL online for the long-term. Taking action now will ensure you are ready to teach ESL online from home. Happy Teaching! Teacher Daniel