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Construire son DRP dans AWS


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Découvrez ou re-découvrez la présentation de Julien Favre (co-fondateur Gekko) et Matthieu Traverse (IT Lead Architect Transdev) sur la construction d'un DRP dans AWS.

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Construire son DRP dans AWS

  1. 1. Julien  Favre,  Co-­Founder  -­ Gekko Matthieu  Traverse, IT  Lead  Architect  -­ Transdev Wednesday  Nov-­8  2017 Building  a  DR  in  AWS  Cloud
  2. 2. Here  you  are! @julien_favre_ • Co  Founder  @  Gekko • Former  Architect  &  presales  leader • Reader  of  Homo  Sapiens  &  Homo  Deus • Fan  follower  of  Narcos • Highly  motived  to  create  any  new  fun   businesses • Learning  cloud,  learning  social  innovation,   and  100%  oriented  to  transform  Cloud   partnership  model…  
  3. 3. Refactoring & DevOps Migration & Hybrid Cloud FinOps Disaster Recovery Plan & Replication
  4. 4. Hello! @matt_traverse • IT  Lead  Architect  @  transdev • Former  vmware &  MS  infra  guy • Reader  of  the  Phoenix  Project • Fan  follower  of  the  Big  Bang  Theory  of   digital  revolution • Learning  cloud,  learning  code,  learning   containers…  Well,  enthusiast  about  all  the   cool  tech  stuff  (except  network,  network  sucks…)
  5. 5. The  company • Former  transportation  company  becoming   a  mobility  company • ~90K  employees,  ~7B  revenue  (2015) • 5  continents,  20    countries • Most  well-­known  subsidiaries • Supershuttle • Eurolines • Isilines
  6. 6. The  Pitch
  7. 7. Why  did  we  need  to  rebuild  our  DR? Outdated   Infrastructure Compatibility  Issues Corporate  Security   Plan Cloud  Strategy
  8. 8. The  Choices
  9. 9. Why  we  chose  AWS  as  target We estimate that building  our DR  in  AWS  is 73%  cheaper than On  Prem   with similar running  costs
  10. 10. Why  we  chose  CloudEndure as  tool Consistent  &   predictable  recovery Physical  server   coverage Low  footprint  in   nominal  mode One  Click  failover Replication  over   private  network SaaS  console  and   APIs
  11. 11. Why  we  chose  Gekko as  partner Proven  experience Fully  managed  DR Industrialized   method Heavy  lifting  tasks   handling This is fine
  12. 12. The  Build
  13. 13. Lessons  learned Identify  workloads  to   be  protected Replicate  as  soon  as   you  can Define  achievable   objectives Iterate Automate Take  shortcuts
  14. 14. Achievements ~70  servers  protected   representing  20TB+ RTO:  4h near  zero  RPO DR  monitored  &   managed  by  our  partner   Gekko
  15. 15. Achievements
  16. 16. Achievements  – Benefits  of  iteration
  17. 17. DR  monitoring  &  automation     • DRP  graph  control   • Restart  automation • RTO  /  RPO  per  Apps • Regulatory  report • Workflow  orchestration
  18. 18. Outcome give  us  the  superpower of  regeneration
  19. 19. Tech  deep  dive
  20. 20. Under  the  hood Ø Replication to  EBS  volumes Ø Granular point  in  time  through EBS   snapshots Ø Lightweight staging area  (t2.small  linux   instances) Ø Per  server  blueprint for  recovery conf.
  21. 21. Our  implementation Ø Dedicated AWS  Account Ø Dual  VPC  (1x  repl.  /  1x  Failover) Ø Dual  IPSec VPN  interco. Ø Public  access for  some apps.
  22. 22. Thank  you!