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Adwords post campaign deck cid-380-452-9139


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Donohue Funeral Home - Gomac Post Campaign Report

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Adwords post campaign deck cid-380-452-9139

  1. 1. DONOHUE FUNERAL HOME Gomac Post Campaign Report
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Founded in 1930, Donohue Funeral Home is a funeral home based in London, ON that offers personalized and traditional funeral, cremation, and burial services. The GOMAC Adwords campaign ran for 21 days and included 3 campaigns (Funerals, Cremations, and Display) With only $170.25 in ad spend, the campaign resulted in 6 online conversions, 6 offline inquiries, and an overall increase in qualified traffic to the website. Recommendations for further conversion optimization include utilizing highly visited pages for lead generation opportunities, utilizing location extensions, adding CTAs to website, etc.
  3. 3. 8.56% 63.39% 2.13 $162 6 Calls to Donohue 6 views to Contact, Pre Planning Pages Rate: 3.30% 1.7 CTR BOUNCE RATE PAGES/SESSION COST CONVERSIONS AVG AD POSITION ACCOUNT HIGHLIGHTS $0.89 AVG CPC 2 . 13K 182 IMPRESSIONS CLICKS Search Campaign (March 19 - April 8, 2018) Google Data Studio Link:
  4. 4. 0.37% 1$4.27 0 100% CTR PAGES/SESSIONCOST CONVERSIONS BOUNCE RATE ACCOUNT HIGHLIGHTS $0.33 AVG CPC 3 . 55K 13 IMPRESSIONS CLICKS DISPLAY CAMPAIGN (March 19 - April 8, 2018) Google Data Studio Link:
  5. 5. Campaign Not having Google Analytics tracking goals and conversions at the start of the campaign. AdWords and Analytics were not linked at onset of campaign. Potential Inaccurate information on post click behavior and conversion tracking. Location Extensions not approved in time for campaign. Source of incoming calls to client not investigated. Limitations
  6. 6. CAMPAIGN PERFORMANCE Funeral Home campaign was the most successful Search Campaign It outperformed Cremations in all metrics except CPC Generated 169 Clicks as opposed to Cremation's 9 Clicks in 21 days The same was apparent in terms of Impressions, with Funeral Homes generating 1879 as opposed to Cremation's 190 In terms of CTR, Funeral Homes again outperformed Cremations with 8.99% against 4.74% Funeral Homes did average a higher CPC of $0.88 due to raised bids on certain keywords to increase the average position on page Cremation's average CPC was $0.86, due to a higher bid ($1.15) on keywords such as “cremation services” which drove up the average.
  7. 7. AD GROUP PERFORMANCE 4 Ad Groups Generated 94% of Donohue's Search Campaign Impressions  Funeral Home was the Adgroup with the highest expenses throughout the campaign, nevertheless it was the one that generated 7 conversions in Donohue’s website. (Views to the Contact Page)
  8. 8. RETURN ON AD SPEND With 6 conversions achieved, and 6 phone calls made to the Funeral Home (as reported by Funeral Home manager), the team estimated that one of the conversions would lead to an actual funeral service arranged resulting in an average of $5500.  As discussed in the pre-campaign deck, customers are likely to plan more than one funeral with the same funeral home putting the Customer Lifetime Value at $5500 x 2 = $11,000 in revenue.  Factoring in variable costs and ad spend, the team estimated a 176% ROAS for this campaign.
  9. 9. CREMATION KEYWORD PERFORMANCE FUNERAL HOMES Phrase and Broad Matched versions of the word "Funeral Home" within the Funeral Home Ad Group performed best In particular, “funeral home” phrase-matched had the highest number of clicks (42) with a CTR of 8.48% and the highest amount of impressions (495) but a high amount of the users searching this keyword query were unqualified; Users resulting from this keyword were bouncing at a rate of 87.77% and were searching terms in relation to obituaries or competitors e.g. “haskett funeral home” or “funeral home obit”. By making the keyword more geo-specific, duplicating it, and changing match types from broad/phrase to exact, the search terms became more relevant (e.g. London ON funeral homes, funeral homes London), and the bounce rate decreased to 37.93%. The cremation keywords failed to gather substantial impressions or clicks.  +crematorium gathered the most impressions (20) and clicks (3) averaging a CTR of 15%.  All three clicks were deemed highly relevant as the search term queried was “london crematorium”.  The cremation search terms turned out to be far more relevant/qualified than the funeral home search terms. The keywords maintained an average quality score of 7/10 indicating that users had a relevant landing page experience and that its ads were deemed highly relevant. Despite its relevance and high quality scores, the cremation campaign ultimately underperformed due to low search volume and a low overall CTR, and was paused in the second week to reallocate funds to the Funeral Home campaign. 
  10. 10. We ran 2 Campaigns (Funeral and Cremation) each with 6 different ad groups.  Of all ad groups the “Funeral Home” Ad Group outperformed all other ad groups significantly, accounting for 90% of all impressions and 95% of all clicks.  This is due to the fact that the search term “funeral home” is searched far more by users than any other terms found in our other ad groups, such as cremation, pre-planning or burial.  Thus, it is likely that many of our ads did not get much rotation due to low search volume. AD COPY PERFORMANCE
  11. 11. Users were most interested in finding local funeral homes and for this reason, ads that contained geo-modifiers in headlines performed best. Quality ads should contain geo-modifiers and USPs such as free consultations, 24/7 availability, etc. “Funeral Home London, ON” was the most successful ad in terms of providing more traffic and new users, and resulted in the most conversions on the website (views to the contact page). The “Donohue Funeral Home London” ad attracted less overall users but it had a 38% lower bounce rate, an average of 3.73 pages per session (1.97 higher than “Funeral Home”) and a higher average session duration. This suggests that although the landing pages were the same the ad copy from “Funeral Home London, ON” was more efficient at garnering clicks but the visitors coming in from “Donohue Funeral Home London” spent more time interacting with the site. AD PERFORMANCE
  12. 12. In terms of the Extensions, for the Funeral Home campaign, the callout extensions generally outperformed sitelink extensions (with the exception of Grief Resources) which suggests that the visitors were more interested in the unique features that Donohue Funeral Home had to offer. The fact that the Grief Resources extension received the most amount of impressions and clicks across all campaigns suggests that, as an offering, there is a relatively high interest for it amongst the visitors and is something that Donohue can capitalize upon.  The low number of clicks on Call Extensions suggests that the users aren’t directly looking to call Donohue in order to communicate but instead prefer to go to the website, try to see if they can obtain the information there and then call from the number available on the page if necessary.  EXTENSION PERFORMANCE
  13. 13. Campaign: Cremations Campaign: Funeral Home EXTENSION PERFORMANCE
  14. 14. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week One March 21 to March 27th, 2018 2 campaigns on the Search Network Funeral Home and Cremation 1 on the Display Network  Bidding Strategy Automatic Bidding with a Max CPC of $1.08 FUNERAL HOME EXPECTED COST    $56.88 ACTUAL COST         $61.98 CREMATION EXPECTED COST    $21.88 ACTUAL COST       $6.63 EXPECTED COST    $56.88 ACTUAL COST         $61.98 DISPLAY SEARCH Budget Spend: After Week One 16% of the allocated weekly budget was left over to be used in the following weeks.  "The Funeral Home campaign overspent its budget in week one with the cremation and display campaign spending less than half of their respective budgets."
  15. 15. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week 1 Performance Metrics The Funeral Home campaign was immediately more effective in garnering clicks, impressions, and consequently, a better click through rate. The Cremation campaigned underperformed in all concerned areas but still resulted in the most highly relevant traffic (re: search terms). 
  16. 16. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Four categories of search queries became apparent:   Relevant search terms - terms that were meaningful and would result in qualified traffic. Donohue search terms - terms that were branded and related to Donohue’s services. Competitor search terms - terms that were related to competitor’s services Irrelevant search terms - terms that were not related to donohue’s services or competitor’s services and would not result qualified traffic. The team began negative matching Donohue, Competitor, and Irrelevant search terms based on different reasonings.  Donohue search terms were negative matched as it was determined that these search queries could be fulfilled with organic listings and would therefore be a misuse of ad dollars. Competitor search terms were blatantly concerned with competitors and these search terms resulted in a high bounce rate at almost 100% - largely underperforming traffic.  Irrelevant search terms also contributed to a high bounce rate and the team quickly learned to be extremely granular in negative matching any words and phrases that were deemed irrelevant including: england, readings, cheap, etc.  Most of these search terms resulted from the keyword “funeral home” phrase-matched.  The team chose to continue using this keyword to accrue a broad list of search terms for optimization further into the campaign.
  17. 17. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week 1 Search Terms The search terms in relation to the cremation campaign were few but mostly relevant with only one competitor search term apparent within the first week.  Search terms such as london crematorium, crematorium london ontario, and cremations affordable funerals resulted from the broad modified keyword +crematorium and +cremations +funerals. 
  18. 18. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week Two March 28th to April 3rd, 2018 Starting Point: In addition to the 16% of the budget left from week one, the team acquired $100 CAD of additional funding from an AdWords Credit which was reallocated towards each campaign with a preference towards the Funeral Home campaign; the initial expected spend for Week 2 went from $65.51 to $106.27 Bidding Strategy Automatic Bidding with a Max CPC of $1.08 FUNERAL HOME (60% of budget) EXPECTED COST    $61.38 ACTUAL COST         $57.82 CREMATION (40% of budget) EXPECTED COST    $40.92 ACTUAL COST       $1.10 EXPECTED COST    $4.00 ACTUAL COST         $0.61 DISPLAY SEARCH
  19. 19. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week 2 Performance Metrics Kept the cremation campaign running despite its underwhelming performance in the first week. Some optimization and bidding changes were made in attempt to improve performance but after two more days of underperformance with a low CTR of 1.59%, the campaign was PAUSED and its remnant budget reallocated to the funeral home campaign. Display campaign was underperforming at a CTR of 0.54% with less than half of the budget spent in the first week. For this reason, the team decided to PAUSE the campaign and allocate the remaining budget to the funeral home campaign which was driving clicks, impressions and conversions.  For both campaigns, the team decided to change to a manual bidding strategy with Enhanced CPC. Impressions dropped across both campaigns after the bidding strategy was changed, suggesting that some of the manual bids set were below first page requirements.  The team decided to optimize by increasing bids on the most meaningful keywords in which impressions were being lost due to rank with hopes to accrue impressions and clicks on those keywords. 
  20. 20. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week 2 Search Terms The team diligently monitored competitor-related search queries and continued to negative match these terms. As a result, relevant search terms increased from 10 in Week One, to 14 in Week Two.  The keywords “funeral homes”, “funeral home”, and +funeral +home drove the most clicks with a mix of relevant, competitor, and irrelevant search terms. At the end of the week, the team was able to glean variations of relevant search terms that had resulted from these keywords with broader match types and create exact-match keywords such as [london ontario funeral homes], [funeral homes london ontario], [funeral home london on], [london funeral homes], etc.  The phrased and broad modified search terms were then paused.
  21. 21. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week Three April 4th to April 10th, 2018 Changed match types as the team realized that the way to still get traffic from funeral home related queries without the name of a competitor attached to it, was to create more keyword variations of funeral home with an exact match to them. Lowering the bids for keywords that had a good quality score and ad position that could take a decrease on the bid without losing our position.  FUNERAL HOME (100% of budget) BUDGET REMAINING  $212.90 ACTUAL COST          $29.65 SEARCH
  22. 22. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week 3 Performance Metrics Noticing a rise in the avg. CPC of the Funeral Home campaign from last week, the team’s priorities this week were to reduce the CPC and increase relevant clicks. In order to reduce the CPC, the team experimented with 10% decreases on max bids of keywords with high quality scores (8/10) such as [funeral homes London Ontario], [funeral home], etc.  The team also manually decreased bids on keywords that had bids above the top of page/first page bid.  Executing these two tactics effectively drove down the CPC from $1.07 to $0.80 within the campaign’s last week. 
  23. 23. DETAILED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY Week 3 Search Terms After introducing variations of exact match keywords and pausing broad/phrase match keywords in Week 2, the team noticed a decrease in impressions - this was expected as the keywords had become more granular and narrow. However, an increase in highly relevant search terms and qualified traffic was noticed immediately with a 50% increase in conversions resulting from exact match keywords alone. 
  24. 24. AUCTION INSIGHTS Donohue’s avg. position increased over time from 1.6 in its first week to 1.3 in its second with inconclusive auction insights in its third week. This indicates that the optimizations made to keywords and bids throughout the campaign were successful in increasing ad rank. For the course of this campaign, Donohue maintained an average impression share of 27.69% with an average position of 1.4, higher than its major competitors on the SERP. Donohue’s ads were mostly served next to Harris Funeral Home’s ads at an overlap rate of 36.35%.
  25. 25. EXPERIMENT #2 The team increased bids within the Pre-Planning ad group in order to increase impressions as the data suggested that several keywords were losing impressions due to their ranking.  After three days of running the experiment with 30% of the weekly Funeral Home campaign budget allocated to it, the team decided to stop the experiment as it drove impressions within the general funeral home ad group unrelated to pre-planning keywords.  The team concluded that the search volume for pre-planning related keywords was not high enough to accrue impressions and stopped running the experiment. EXPERIMENT #1 Running Just Paused Ads Cremation When the campaign began, only 2 of 3 ads for each ad group were activated. The purpose of this experiment was to test the cremation ads that were not running during the first week and determine if a change in ad copy would increase the clicks and CTR within the cremation campaign. Over the course of the 4 day experiment, the expected results were not achieved with the experimental campaign generating a total of 0 clicks and 10 impressions with the other metrics (CPC, CTR) following at 0. The team concluded that the ad copy was not deemed as highly relevant by Google and stopped running the experiment.  RESULTS
  26. 26. CAMPAIGN PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Although the AdWords campaign only utilized 66.7% of the budget, it achieved 84% of the expected clicks (195 clicks of expected 231.5), 79% of its expected impressions (5,673 of expected 7,716), and had a higher CTR and lower CPC than expected. The team believes that with continual monitoring and optimizations, these campaigns can continue to be delivered at a low cost with similar significant results. 
  27. 27. POST CLICK BEHAVIOUR ACROSS CHANNELS Paid traffic resulted in the highest conversion rate from the top website traffic sources during the campaign period. It’s bounce rate, 62.4%, performed better than the overall bounce rate at 67.03%. CAMPAIGN PERFORMANCE EVALUATION
  28. 28. RECOMMENDATIONS Google AdWords Recommendations: ● Continue Running the current AdWords campaigns ● Focus majority of the resources to the Funeral Homes campaign ● Keep running the cremation campaign but run experiments with varying bids to investigate the resources required to successfully maintain a presence ● Run display ads only for pre-planning and only on local websites using placements ● Accumulate data over time and identify the best days and times to run ads ● Keep Negative matching competitor funeral homes as and when they appear on search terms for Donohue’s ads ● Experiment with differing ad copies, include different permutations and combinations of Donohue’s Unique Selling Propositions on their best performing ad groups ● Avoid phrase matching keywords related to Funeral Homes in order to avoid getting irrelevant clicks from competitors ● Maintain top of  page bid for best performing keywords ● Consider using a different phone number for the ads in order to help gauge the performance of different ad groups ● Link the Google MyBusiness account to AdWords in order to populate on the Location Extension
  29. 29. RECOMMENDATIONS Website Recommendations: ● Use the website to build trust with the customers. Highlight Donohue’s Unique Selling Propositions. ● Add content to landing pages that is more relevant to their services to increase relevance of the ads ● Move all the FAQs from the website to one landing page and segment them accordingly ● Change the phone number on the website to a clickable version ● Write additional copy on the website to describe the services that they offer as opposed to industry information ● Write additional content for their pre planning page in addition to their form ● Add a page for themed funerals in case they want it to be a unique selling point ● Set up obituaries as a goal, then count that out when measuring relevant traffic ● Add more calls to action to website ● During the campaign, there were a considerable amount of views to the obituary page. Donohue would benefit from adding a Pre-Planning link/button to that page for potential lead generation.