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Scaling agile with Atlassian - Giulio Iannazzo, Atlassian


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Presentation delivered at Atlassian in Scotland 2019, 19th March 2019, Glasgow by Giulio Iannazzo, Atlassian. This talk highlights the powerful features of Atlassian's scaled agile solution and our enterprise-grade deployment option, that supports the ever-growing demand of rapidly expanding organizations.

Jira Software is built for every member of your software or project teams to plan, track, and release with ease.

Portfolio for Jira helps you build a plan, see the big picture, track progress, and easily share with stakeholders. Scaled Agile has been a highly demanded feature and in the recent years, Portfolio has gone through major transformations to align with the needs of large organizations, where multiple teams' work require coordination - without sacrificing their autonomy.

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Scaling agile with Atlassian - Giulio Iannazzo, Atlassian

  1. 1. GIULIO IANNAZZO | SOLUTIONS ENGINEER Scaling Agile with Atlassian
  2. 2. Agenda Organizations scaling agile Scaling with Atlassian
  3. 3. Speed to market ORGANIZATIONS ON AN AGILE JOURNEY … Internal disruption Their world is uncertain BELIEVE SUCCESS DEPENDS ON … FEEL THAT … Too many management layers Investment in success of people What got them here won’t get them there ACCEPT THAT … Decisions seek perfection Scaling agile isn’t just tools
  4. 4. Scaledbutnotagile Currentlya(very)large organisation(inany industry)thatischanging tobecomemoreagile Agileandscaling Originallyasmall (modern)organisation, tryingtoscalean establishedagileculture GROWING TRANSFORMING
  6. 6. Visibility Visibility unlocks faster time to customer value Evolve Organisations must evolve and adapt. Decisions Decision making is best done by those closest to the problem. Structure While there is no one size fits all solution, scaling agile requires structure. Team of teams The power of a team of teams enables better outcomes. Foundations for scaling agile
  7. 7. Agile at Scale Survey •Which frameworks? •Which techniques? •What challenges?
  8. 8. Mix Techniques ~50% use a mix of agile & non-agile techniques, & ~30% use a mix of agile methodologies Frameworks 42% have adopted a scaled agile framework but the majority use a mix or custom framework Culture The #1 challenge with practicing agile at scale was ‘organizational culture’ Future Adoption 43% of those who had not adopted a scaled agile framework said they have no plans to adopt one Agile at Scale Survey Results
  9. 9. Alignment requires insight without stifling innovation Visibility AUTONOMY
  10. 10. ? ? ? ? ? ? How is my work contributing to the business goals? How are our initiatives tracking to our business goals? What/who is on the critical path for the release? When can we deliver? Epics just aren't big enough, how do we see a bigger picture? Are we are on track to hit our release dates? Are we prioritizing the right set of investments across the portfolio? ?
  11. 11. Agenda Organizations scaling agile Scaling with Atlassian
  12. 12. Data-driven planning Roll-up reporting “Realistically, what can we deliver and when?” “What are we working on and how do things progress?” Portfolio for JIRA Get visibility across all teams and projects
  13. 13. JIRA Software • Plan sprints • Track tasks day to day • Monitor team progress • Get releases ready Portfolio for JIRA • Plan and scope releases • Build and share long-term roadmap • Track progress on epics, initiatives and releases • Forecast completion dates • Coordinate cross-project releases and dependencies JIRA Software & Portfolio for JIRA PORTFOLIO PLAN BOARD
  14. 14. PORTFOLIO PLAN REPORT ACROSS PLANS • Understand portfolio- level roadmap • Understand resource investments to achieve goals • Track progress of large initiatives • Share high-level status JIRA Software Portfolio for JIRA TEAM LEVEL PROGRAM LEVEL PORTFOLIO LEVEL
  15. 15. No longer can project managers and directors etc. pick dates out of the air for delivery “targets”. Senior stakeholders can work together to figure out how to shuffle priorities. There is no escape from the plan!” A CURRENT PORTFOLIO USER (ANONYMOUS SURVEY)
  16. 16. Clustered application instance for high availability and performance at scale via instant scalability DATA CENTER
  17. 17. High availability Eliminating the risk of the application layer being a single point of failure Performance at scale Ensure sustained response time under increased concurrent load Zero downtime upgrades Comply with business continuity requirements, relying on native features Data Center value proposition s
  18. 18. Rosetta Stone are teaching the world to speak, read and write with confidence. Portfolio for JIRA helps Rosetta Stone scale their agile practice across the organization. +