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A mobile app that provides you access to more than 300+gyms and fitness classes in Vietnam with their monthly subscription plan.

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  1. 1. WeFit
  2. 2. PROBLEMS HARD TO STAY MOTIVATED Limited access Fixed location Long-term contract
  3. 3. PRODUCT WeFit is a mobile app to help people in Hanoi and HoChiMinh city to work out more conveniently by offering a single monthly to access hundreds of gym studios and fitness classes.
  4. 4. SUPPLY WeFit brings new customers to available slots at studios to fill the capacity needed and optimize their cost.
  5. 5. SIMILAR MODEL Classpass (US), KFit (Malaysia), GuavaPass (Singapore) Expanding horizontally Churn rate is high Cost of Acquisition is high
  6. 6. MARKET SIZE Sources: Statistic Portal $200M market size, 20% growth/year
  7. 7. CURRENT TRACTION 6 check-ins/month vs. 3 without us 1500+ purchase to date 200+ studios in Hanoi, 100+ in HCM Optimize 10% of partner’s cost 40% monthly growth
  8. 8. PROJECTION Raising money for: • Suppliers acquisition • Marketing campaigns • Talent Recruitment Total Revenue in 2017: $1M
  9. 9. TEAM Khôi Nguyễn • Founder & CEO, 3 years in tech startup • Former senior product director Topica. Founder of Topica Memo & Edumall • Illinois Tech graduate Bình Lê, Co - Founder & CMO • CMO at Topica Edumall • 5 years experience in Marketing (Vinalink, Topica) Hải Nguyễn, Co - Founder & CTO • CTO at Topica Memo, 7 years experience • Mozilla Representativ e in Vietnam Đăng Nguyễn, Co - Founder & COO • Operational manager @ Topica Edumall • 5 years experience, former FreeHugs president Past products Top 3 Potential Startup of 2016 by VTV Advisors Largest online education marketplace in SEA Awards Tuấn Hoàng, CFO • 3 years Account Manager at Google Singapore • Master of Management at Duke Mr. Pham Minh Tuan Founder & CEO Topica Edtech Group
  10. 10. FUTURE ECOSYSTEM Studios Customers: exercise Customers: nutrition Customers: lifestyle PT Personal trainer Fitness merchandise