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Shelagh snape


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Published in: Healthcare
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Shelagh snape

  1. 1. Shared Learning Part 1: Children and Families. West Lancashire Scouts Antibiotic Guardian Project Antibiotic Guardian Conference 27th June 2018 Shelagh Snape RGN RSCN HV MPH Steve Morton MPH
  2. 2. The following slides: • Introduction • How the project came about • Time line • Project content and delivery • Outcomes • Sustainability 2
  3. 3. Introduction 3 Shelagh Snape Lead Health Protection Nurse Practitioner PHE (formerly) Steve Morton Health and Wellbeing Manager PHE AND County Commissioner, West Lancs Scouts
  4. 4. How the Project CameAbout
  5. 5. Time Line 5 November 2016: Proposal to WLS re activities to become Antibiotic Guardians Nov/Dec 2016: Support from Ax Guardian, eBug re activity programme January 2017: Resources and activities finalised February 2017: Funding for sew-on badges provided from CYP directorate PHE. Ways to measure activities agreed. Feb/April 2017: Project went live on WLS FB and Twitter pages and 1st video uploaded to FB of activities undertaken by Scout group
  6. 6. Project Content and Delivery 6 Presentation title - edit in Header and Footer
  7. 7. 7 Presentation title - edit in Header and Footer
  8. 8. Outcomes
  9. 9. Sustainability 9