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One Fashionable Legacy - Vol.2 Ch.1


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Fashionista Family Vol. 2 Chapter 1.

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One Fashionable Legacy - Vol.2 Ch.1

  1. 1. One Fashionable Legacy Volume 2, Chapter 1
  2. 2. “This is perfect, Connor!” Chloe exclaimedto her husbandupon arriving at 20 Everest Drive. As Chloe and Connor were growing older it had become more difficult to move aroundtheir large home. Tommy and his wife, Marsha, had a guest house built on their own property so his parents could remainclose and live comfortably.
  3. 3. Not that Tommy and Marsha were lonely, Marsha had what Tommy referred to as “attachmentissues” and kept adopting just about every neighborhoodanimal she befriended. They now had 2 cats and 4 dogs runningaround the household. Marsha was more determinedthan ever to meet her LTW of having 20 pet best friends (much to my dismay).
  4. 4. Chloe and Connor had been enjoying their time in the guesthousefor a few years before death came to visit. Chloe, the oldest of her generation,passed at 82 days old.
  5. 5. Tommy’s daughter, Kate had been experiencing a lot of changesrecently. She had been settlinginto her new home, her new career in Law Enforcement, and her new marriage to Julien Cooke when she found out she was pregnant. This was not somethingshe had necessarily beenwanting, but found herself excitedto become a parent, nonetheless.
  6. 6. Connor was gratefulhe was still around to meet his great grandchild. He only wished Chloe had been aroundto meet him too. The entire Turnerfamily was constantly overhelping Kate and Julien take care of their son. Even Derek loved caring for his nephew, despite being a romance sim with no desire to have kids of his own. The baby boy was named Louis, after Louis Vuitton.
  7. 7. Louis was a truly a mix of both his parents. He inheritedhis mother’s eyes, his father’s skintone,and the same jet-black hairthey both had.
  8. 8. Connor passed only a few days after his great-grandson’sbirthday.
  9. 9. “What do you think Mais, should we hit the town tonight?” Derek and Maison had moved into a small house together in the shopping district of Terra Nova. The two were really enjoying their lives as bachelors. “You know I have nothing better to do” Maison replied, staring down at his cereal. He had yet to find a job position in the Law Enforcement career and was bored most of the day, while Derek worked as a Starter in Athletics.
  10. 10. On that evening’s adventure to Jeff’s Family Fun Center, both boys were able to find someone to flirt with – nothingserious, but they weren’t lookingfor serious anyway. They were thoroughlyenjoying exploringthe dating scene Terra Nova had to offer, which had been much more promisingthan that of NuTerra University.
  11. 11. After a while, the two men decided theydid need a constant companionin their lives (besides one another), so they adopted a sweet little kitten named Ghost, named after Babyghost.
  12. 12. Hugo had moved in with his parents, Adam and Meadow, after graduationwhile he looked for his new job. They aged into elders shortly after his arrival at a large birthday party heldin theirbackyard.
  13. 13. Vivian graduated from college a little after Hugo had. She agreed to move in with him and his family. Hugo proposed to Vivian a few days after her graduation. Unsurprisingly, she said yes.
  14. 14. The two were married in Adam and Meadow’s backyard shortly after, with all their family and friends in attendance.
  15. 15. “Wow, I can’t believe we are reallygoing to have a baby!” Hugo whispered as he patted his new wife’s belly. When Hugo and Vivian found out they were going to be parents, Hugo suggestedthey remain in his parent’s home, at least for the time being. Vivian agreedon one condition, his rock-bandposters in their bedroom would have to go, to which Hugo reluctantlyagreed.
  16. 16. Luckily, Hugo’s childhoodbedroom had been made over by the time the baby arrived.
  17. 17. Vivian gave birth to a little girl who they named Ellery(after the brand Ellery). As a toddler – she mostly resembledher mother with brown hair and dark blue eyes.
  18. 18. Cedric had been strugglingsince his graduation – as a family sim, all he wanted to do was find a wife so he could start a family of his own. A few years had past and he had yet to meet anyone that he could picture spending the rest of his life with.
  19. 19. That is until he met Annie Jayapalana,one of the Universitytownies. They got engaged ratherquickly.
  20. 20. And she became Annie Tomyoy soon afterwards.
  21. 21. The newlywed couple ended up adopting a puppy who they named Saint, after Yves Saint Laurent. He aged into an adult only one day after adoption.
  22. 22. It shouldn’t surprise youthat two family sims had a baby immediatelyafter their marriage! Annie gave birth to a little girl who they named Carolina, after Carolina Herrera. Making her the 3rd born in generation6.
  23. 23. I would be lying if I said little Carolina was a looker. To be honest – she’s probably the least cute child I’ve had in the legacythus far. Hopefully, she ages into her face! She has brown hair, dark blue eyes, and fair skin just like her mom – so far she doesn’t seem to take after Cedric much.
  24. 24. Back at their home, Cedric’s parents, Collete and Berjes, aged into elders!
  25. 25. But just as the older members of generation4 were beginningto age into elders – the remaining generation 3s began to pass. Honestly, I reallyabused the elixirof life with these guys and they were supposed to die a lot sooner. Christian was the first to go- followed by Edith shortly after.
  26. 26. Celine and Blake were next.
  27. 27. Then Alexander and Kelly.
  28. 28. And finally, Vera and George.
  29. 29. Back in the main legacyhouse, Allegra had become incredibly close with her grandparents,as had her brother, Brooks. Zac and Jade had practicallyraised the two children and shared a special bond with them.
  30. 30. Michael was somewhat close with his children but at the expenseof his career. He and his wife Whitney both work in the science careerand have the LTW to become Mad Scientists. Whitney was further up the totem pole at work and Michael often felt as though he livedin his wife’s shadow.
  31. 31. But while Whitneywas ahead of Michael in their careers, she was far behindin her relationshipswith their kids. Whitneyspent so much time focused on doing scientific researchand building upon her skills that she hardly knew Allegra and Brooks at all.
  32. 32. For instance – Whitney had no idea how talented her daughterwas at the violin. Allegra was something of a musical prodigy and spent most her time playing her violin or the piano. Luckily, her grandparentsalways encouraged her to pursue her passions.
  33. 33. So when Jade, who was Allegra’s closestfriend, met the grim reaper and moved on to the afterlife, Allegra was beyond devastatedand went into aspirationdepression.
  34. 34. Allegra grew up badly and hit a ”rebelliousphase” as a teenager.
  35. 35. To make things worse, Zac passed away not long after Jade. Suddenly, the legacy housefelt incrediblyempty.
  36. 36. Which prompted Allegra to pick up her violin and fill the void with music.
  37. 37. Ona lighternote, back at NuTerra University Camilla and Marc graduated!They moved out to the shopping district into a small starterhome togetherwhile they figured out what to do with the rest of theirlives.
  38. 38. Rolf and Viktor took Camilla and Marc’s placeswhen they moved into Oresha Fruhm. Side note- does anyone else think these two (specifically Rolf)look like the property brothersor is that just me lol
  39. 39. Viktor, Rolf, and the remaining Oresha Fruhm members headed over to the dorms to pick up the other new pledges!
  40. 40. Elizabethand James had just arrivedat NuTerra universityand were incrediblyexcited to join their brother Dennis over at Oresha Fruhm.
  41. 41. And finally, Rachel and Roy headed to NuTerra and moved into Oresha Fruhm. Which means every single person currently livingin the Oresha Fruhm house is part of a set of twins – apart from Dennis.
  42. 42. To wrap up this chapter, here is a photo of my simself gettingengaged to my fiancé’s simself! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, thank you for reading!