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Isochk nov2016 mac kinnon


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Asia Internet Symposium Hong Kong (11 Nov 2016)

Published in: Internet
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Isochk nov2016 mac kinnon

  1. 1. Who are the “things” for? @RankingRights Image: VLADGRIN via Shutterstock Protecting people’s rights on the “Internet of Things” Rebecca MacKinnon Director, Ranking Digital Rights Co-founder, Global Voices Twitter: @rmack @rankingrights E-mail:
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  4. 4. Power, People and the Things GovernmentsPEOPLE Internet & all the connected “things”
  5. 5. What about our digital environment? Image by Hung Chung Chih via Shutterstock You’ve heard about “sustainable business” in relation to the physical environment.
  6. 6. Do we want our children and grandchildren to live in a world where everybody who peacefully challenges the world’s most powerful governments and corporations can expect to be censored, and likely end up in jail?
  7. 7. • Governments have the primary duty to protect human rights; • Companies have a responsibility to respect human rights; • Both must jointly and separately provide remedy to those whose rights are violated. rinciplesBusinessHR_EN.pdf
  8. 8. In 2015, 16 Companies: 8 Internet, 8 telecommunications 2015 Corporate Accountability Index – Google Yahoo Microsoft Twitter Facebook Kakao Tencent Bharti Airtel Orange Axiata Vodafone Etisalat MTN AT&T América Móvil
  9. 9. 2015 Corporate Accountability Index – Meaningful effort Little effort Meaningful effort Little effort
  10. 10. New companies/services to be added in the upcoming 2017 Corporate Accountability Index • Apple • Google’s Android mobile ecosystem • Samsung • Telefónica • Yandex • Baidu 2015 Corporate Accountability Index –
  11. 11. RDR partnership with Consumer Reports on a protocol to evaluate privacy and security of “things”
  12. 12. Key issues - Commitment 2015 Corporate Accountability Index – • Institutional leadership: CEO commitment? Clear company policy? • Governance and oversight: At what level? Board? Executive? • Implementation: Staff training? Internal whistleblowing mechanisms? • Human rights impact assessment: Comprehensive? Regular? Independently assured? • Stakeholder engagement: How regular and credible? • Grievance and remedy: Can people report grievances and obtain appropriate redress or reinstatement of service if their rights are violated?
  13. 13. ASSET BUILDING THE TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION Key issues – freedom of expression 2015 Corporate Accountability Index – • Terms of Service: rules are clear, enforcement process is clearly explained • Notify users about blocking or removal of content. • Transparency about government requests to remove or block content • Transparency about private requests to restrict content • Data about terms of service enforcement (nonexistent)
  14. 14. ASSET BUILDING THE TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION Transparency Reports 2015 Corporate Accountability Index –
  15. 15. Key issues - Privacy 2015 Corporate Accountability Index – • Privacy policies: Clear and accessible? • Handling of user information: What is collected, how long retained, with whom is it shared, under what circumstances? • Transparency about requests: government and private requests for user information • Security practices: Use industry standards of security and encryption?
  16. 16. Key recommendations for companies 2015 Corporate Accountability Index – • Carry out risk assessments for freedom of expression and privacy, and show evidence that the company has institutionalized commitments. • Be transparent and accountable not only about government requests, but also private requests and terms of service enforcement. • Communicate clearly about what happens to users’ information. • Establish effective grievance and remedy mechanisms. • Provide evidence of strong security practices.
  17. 17. Key recommendations for governments 2015 Corporate Accountability Index – • Laws and regulations must at least enable if not require companies to respect users’ rights. • Laws and regulations should maximize transparency by companies about content restriction and information sharing. • Government must be transparent and accountable about requests made to companies to restrict speech or share user information.
  18. 18. Hong Kong Transparency Report
  19. 19. @RankingRights Next Index will be published in March 2017