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Presentation project VSF-Int


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pastoralists regional consultations

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Presentation project VSF-Int

  1. 1. North Africa and West Asia regional meeting with pastoralists and livestock breeders Hammamet, 14-16 January 2016 Margherita Gomarasca Coordinatrice VSF International
  2. 2. AVSF (France) DIO (The Netherlands) DZG/VSF Belgium SIVtro - VSF Italy info@veterinarisenzafrontiere.i t TOG/VSF Austria TOG/VSF Germany VBH/VSF Czech Republic VSF Justicia Alimentaria Global (Spain) VSF Portugal VSF Suisse VWB/VSF Canada VSF-Int network – 11 members
  4. 4. • In total: 40 million €/year, 200 projects in 40 countries*: * Data 2014 (ongoing update) Member’s projects
  5. 5. • Focus on livestock: • Agriculture and animal production • Animal health and veterinary services • Marketing and value chains • Resilience and adaptation to climate change • NRM • Peace keeping • Emergency and post-emergency • Awareness raising and advocacy Food sovereignty Food security Agroecology & Rural Development One Health Expertise
  6. 6. Project: «Regional Consultation with Pastoralist and livestock breeders CSOs. Towards better policies in support of pastoralism»
  7. 7. Objectives Overall Goal: To contribute to improve the food security and nutrition, raise the income and strengthen the resilience of pastoral communities and mobile indigenous people Specific objective: To strengthen Pastoralists civil society capacity to contribute to the design of policies and programmes at regional and international level Outcome 1: A pastoralist and mobile indigenous CSOs’ agenda is identified, which includes evidence of the value of sustainable pastoralism, sets out challenges and opportunities at local, regional and international level, and provides recommendations for policymakers and international organisations. Outcome 2: Pastoralists CSOs networks and alliances are strengthened in each region. Outcome 3: The pastoralist agenda is put forward in national, regional and international debates and forums through a coordinated awareness- raising/advocacy campaign.
  8. 8. VSF Spain : consult. Latin America VSF-B : consult. West and Central Africa AVSF: consult. Asia VSFG: consult. Eastern & Southern Africa VSF Italy: consult. Nord Africa and West Asia VSF-Int: coordination Geographical scope: 5 regions
  9. 9. • 2 main stages: 1. Regional consultations [Sept 2015-Fev 2016] 2. Advocacy [March 2016-Dec 2016] Project Components
  10. 10. a. Mapping of pastoralist CSOs and stakeholders b. Surveys : • Pastoralist practices: at household/community level [selected pastoralists hotspots in each region] • Enabling Environment: focus on availability of services and institutional support [25 countries] • Policies: policy measures that affect pastoralism [25 countries] 1. Regional Consultation
  11. 11. c. Organization of 5 regional workshops: d. Elaboration of recommendations for the special session on pastoralism and livestock keeping of Farmers Forum Region Location Dates West and Central Africa Bamako, Mali 7-9 Jan Nord Africa & West Asia Hammamet, Tunisia 14-16 Jan Latin America La Paz, Bolivia 17-19 Jan East and Southern Africa Nairobi, Kenya 21-23 Jan Asia Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 25-26 Jan 1. Regional consultations
  12. 12. • Special Session on pastoralism and livestock keepers of the Farmers Forum (12-13 Feb 2016) • Global report & 5 regional reports • Advocacy activities targeting policymakers and international/regional/national organisations Final Declaration 2. Advocacy
  13. 13. Special Session on pastoralism at FAFO (Rome, 12-13 Feb) • Farmers Forum main session (Rome, 15-16 Feb) • IFAD Governing Council (Rome, 17-18 Feb) Regional consultations: 4 representatives per region 1 representative per region Asia Hustai National Park 25-26 Jan Eastern & Southern Africa Nairobi Latin America La Paz Northa Africa & West Asia Hammamet West &Central Africa Bamako
  14. 14. Criteria: • Membership and Representation • Gender balance • Participation to the regional meetings (Bamako/Nairobi/Tunis/Ulaanbaatar/La Paz) • Interest in and commitment to pro-poor, inclusive and sustainable development. • Fluency in one of the working languages (English, French, Spanish) • Having a passport valid at least for 6 months after the event in February (in order to obtain the visa)
  15. 15. Special Session on pastoralism at FAFO (Rome, 12-13 Feb) • Farmers Forum main session (Rome, 15-16 Feb) • IFAD Governing Council (Rome, 17-18 Feb) 22 participants • Mr. Hanwant Singh Rathore, LPPS, India • Ms. Munkhbolor Gungaa, PACA, Mongolia • Mr. Atai Ayatkhaan, MANIP, Mongolia • Mr. Tashi Tsering Ghale, youth leader from Dolpopa community, Nepal Ms. Munkhbolor Gungaa Asia consultation Hustai National Park 25-26 Jan
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