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EPOS Integrated Telemedicine and AI Solution: Detecting Disease in Developing Countries


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Telemedicine solutions can help low and middle-income countries overcome acute shortages of specialized medical staff in remote locations, conflict zones or in areas affected by an epidemic. EPOS’ work in Afghanistan has focused on the use of telemedicine tools, recently integrating an electronic medical record (EMR) and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for improved breast cancer diagnostics.
A pilot study tested women for signs of malignancy, providing a reliable patient diagnosis as second opinion while improving access to high quality health care services for those living in remote rural communities.

Published in: Healthcare
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EPOS Integrated Telemedicine and AI Solution: Detecting Disease in Developing Countries

  2. 2. In many developing countries around the world - there is a lack of specialist doctors to diagnose disease.
  3. 3. In Afghanistan, there are only 8 pathologists for a population of 32 million. Low capacities for early stage disease diagnoses regularly result in high treatment costs and preventable deaths.
  4. 4. Breast cancer is a nationwide concern - with 1 in 8 women suffering from the disease, which is accompanied by statistically high mortality rates. Women are particularly disadvantaged in seeking cancer diagnostic support.
  5. 5. Remote Diagnostic Support Solution: Integrated Modular Telemedicine Platform with Artificial Intelligence Interface • Multilingual Electronic Medical Record (EMR) • Expandable Interface to Radiology Diagnostic Support • Hands-free Videoconferencing A joint initiative of
  6. 6. AI algorithms continually trained by international health care specialists AI algorithms proven to efficiently identify benign & malignant cell images Allowed human pathologists to obtain an automated second opinion Enabled human pathologists to focus on service delivery & complicated cases Breast Cancer Pilot Study: Afghanistan Integrated modular telemedicine solution with recently added AI and deep learning components has supported testing of women for signs of malignancy over a period spanning 10 years
  7. 7. Pilot study highlighted a dramatic increase in the number of breast cancer histopathology diagnoses - while the average age of women seeking diagnoses decreased from above 45 in 2009, to below 25 in 2019. Breast Cancer Pilot Study: Afghanistan
  8. 8. Applying Telemedicine & AI for Disease Detection: Benefits  Faster & more accurate diagnoses, complemented by reliable artificial intelligence algorithm  Ability for more patients to be diagnosed and eventually treated  Doctors / specialists able to focus on health care services i.e. advice & treatment  Misdiagnoses by non-specialists decrease, reducing number of unnecessary, missed or late interventions  Provides remote rural communities with access to high quality health services  Suspected cancer cases can be diagnosed in-country, reducing high cost of travel to neighboring countries
  9. 9. Telemedicine & AI for Disease Detection: A smart solution when remote delivery is required Ongoing violence Unpredictable events Difficult transportation access
  10. 10. Founded in 1985 as an independent provider of health consulting services Leader in the German & European health consulting market Quality management system regularly audited and ISO certified Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development Goals. About EPOS We make health systems more effective
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