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Veda week 2 thomas


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Week 2 begins!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Veda week 2 thomas

  1. 1. Week 2 Thomas
  2. 2. Welcome back to Veda, where it is freezing cold right now. We’re back with the Thomases for their second week in Veda. Joyce is the single mother of Tyler and Julie. She’s a popularity sim who wants to be Mayor of her very own town. Tyler is content being a professional party guest. And Julie looks forward to following in her mother’s footsteps.
  3. 3. Winter barely started but there was already a deep layer of snow on the ground.
  4. 4. Joyce didn’t expected it to be so cold in the hills. The only way she could keep warm was cycling on the excerise bike. She still had no word from the Mayor of Pine Grove. She could only hope he hadn’t forgotten.
  5. 5. The tomato plants were able to produce a few weak tomatoes. “I hope Amber brings us some food.”
  6. 6. Tuesday brought little change. But at least the ground thawed enough to dig for treasure.
  7. 7. Tyler brought home Samuel Summers from school.
  8. 8. Dinner didn’t go as well as expected. The grill caught fire as Joyce tried to prepared hotdogs.
  9. 9. “Jeez it’s so c-c-old.” Tyler complained.
  10. 10. “Tyler!!!!” Joyce yelled, finding her son in the snow.
  11. 11. She warmed up her hairdryer. “Mo-o-om.” “It’s okay, Tyler, go get a hot shower.” She said.
  12. 12. Wednesday Amber finally came over. “Congrats on getting married Amber!” “Thanks Joyce. I brought you some produce.”
  13. 13. Julie brought Noah home from school. “We’re finally in the same class again!” Noah said excitedly. “Isn’t it great!”
  14. 14. Joyce did catch a bit of a break. Joe Carr happened to walk by. And he was rather good looking.
  15. 15. They hit it off right away. “This is an awesome place you have here. I love camping!” Joe said. “Well I did too until we had to survive the winter.” Joyce laughed.
  16. 16. They really hit it off!
  17. 17. “Why don’t you stay up here with me?” Joyce offered. “You know what that sounds like a great idea.” Joe Carr brought it $7,000 and is a fortune sim that wants to be hand of Poseidon.
  18. 18. Joyce wasn’t one to need a man. But Joe was definitely fun to have around.
  19. 19. “Joe, I have always done things alone. Always by my own strength. But here in Veda I’m starting fresh. I would like to have you by my side.”
  20. 20. “Oh my gosh…” Joe gasped, “It’s beautiful.”
  21. 21. “Yes, I will stay beside you.”
  22. 22. They got married right then and there. It seemed right.
  23. 23. “Well this is going to be weird.” Tyler sighed. “Yes, I think you and Julie are a little too old to call me Dad.” “Probably, but it’s good to see my mom happy.” Tyler shrugged, “She’s always done things on her own.”
  24. 24. A random woman came by and dropped off a surprising present.
  25. 25. Joe was the first one to investigate the strange lamp. “I am the great all powerful Genie! I will grant you exactly three wishes.” “Hmmm, money! I can’t have a job yet, I feel useless without bringing in funds.”
  26. 26. “Hey baby do you want to go on a date?” Joe asked. “Of course.” Joyce smiled.
  27. 27. “Oh!” Joyce grinned, looks like she had a little wedding present from Joe. It was going to be interesting to have a baby again. Especially since Tyler almost grown.
  28. 28. Joyce carefully folded the paper. It took everything she had not to ripe it up. Still nothing from Pine Grove’s mayor. There wasn’t even a proper phone line she so she could call him. Another week of her life wasted waiting on him.
  29. 29. The pond finally unfroze enough for fishing. Joe persuaded his step children to join him. He wanted to get to know them.
  30. 30. Joyce woke up from her nap. Her baby was growing bigger everyday. It wouldn’t be long until she had a baby in her arms.
  31. 31. “I think I overdid the cyclist.” Tyler said, his muscles felt all weird, very tingly.
  32. 32. “Tyler! It’s your birthday!” Joyce smiled, “Oh my gosh look how tall you are.” “My hands are huge!”
  33. 33. The family was nestled in their tents asleep. But they weren’t the only ones home. Jessica Ebadi made the long hike to take advantage of the lack of law enforcement in Veda.
  34. 34. Jessica even made off with the tents while the Thomases panicked in the bathroom.
  35. 35. That’s for this chapter. Thank you so much reading. I’m so frustrated with the lack of the political career opening. She got two architecture openings! Two! I don’t know what I’m going to do if she doesn’t get an opening next rotation. I may just have to cheat her into level 1. I’m that desperate to get her in the career. The Summers are up next! Happy Simming!
  36. 36. Total Sims: 16 Adults: 9 Teens: 4 Children: 1 Toddlers: 2 Sim Multiplier: 2 Total Population: 32 CAS: 0 Town Funds: $21,719(+$8,014) Community lots: 0 Free Lots available: 2 Careers: Politics – Joyce Architecture – David Fires: 1 Burglaries: 1 Universities: NO Downtown: NO Business District: NO Airport: No Running water: Yes Basic Electricity: No