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Edelta ece2017


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Edelta demo at EclipseCon 2017 Modeling Symposium

Published in: Software
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Edelta ece2017

  1. 1. Edelta: an approach for defining and applying reusable metamodel evolutions and refactorings Lorenzo Bettini - DiSIA, Univ. Florence Davide Di Ruscio - DISIM, Univ. Aquila Ludovico Iovino - Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila Alfonso Pierantonio - DISIM, Univ. Aquila EclipseCon Europe 2017 – Modeling Symposium
  2. 2. Mastering Metamodel Refactoring ● Operating metamodel refactorings without a dedicated support can be an error-prone task ● There is the need for languages and tools supporting the specification and application of metamodel refactorings in a disciplined way ● The used language should provide at least the following characteristics: – Conciseness and comprehensibility – Integration – Static checks – Refactoring composability – IDE support
  3. 3. Edelta DSL ● Edelta is a DSL for specifying and applying metamodel evolutions and refactorings ● It provides modelers with constructs for specifying atomic evolutions: – additions, deletions and changes ● and to define complex reusable metamodel changes by properly composing already defined ones
  4. 4. Xtext ● popular Eclipse framework for the development of DSLs ● starting from a grammar definition Xtext generates – a parser, – an abstract syntax tree, and – a complete Eclipse IDE support ● editor, ● syntax highlighting, ● code completion, ● error reporting, ● incremental building, etc.
  5. 5. Xbase ● A reusable OO expression language ● That you can embed in your DSLYou get for free: – Syntax for a Java-like expression language – Interoperability with the Java type system ● Xbase type system implements the Java type system ● Access any Java library in your classpath ● Automatic Java code generator ● Debugger!
  6. 6. Xbase: Java-like with less “noise” ● Semicolons optional ● Powerful type inference ● Everything is an expression ● Lambdas ● Extension methods
  7. 7. Example Everything is Statically Type-checked (inferred) Prints: Anderson, John; Smith, John; Anderson, James
  8. 8. DEMO!