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Interesting ingredints and concepts for homebrewers

  1. Now Then
  2. Ideas and experiments I’d use for homebrewing (If I was a skilled homebrewer)
  3. Ida Graves and Distillery
  4. Obstacles and what I would do differently • Tannins • Only distillates • More RTD products
  5. Conifer Macerations
  6. Other conifer products
  7. Mugolio Basic method: weight of pine cones or spruce tips x2 = brown sugar Or equal parts by volume Alternate sweeteners: Honey, maple.
  8. Green Walnuts
  9. Harnessing the Flavor of Almond
  10. Bird Cherry and Alcohol Infusions (RTD) Exposure to air weakens the almond aroma IME
  11. Meadowsweet
  12. Hop alternatives • Nettles, specifically Laportea • G. hederacea
  13. Milkweed Flowers
  14. “Wild Vanilla” A perennial substitute for sweet woodruff