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SDD2017 - 06 Philippe Nieuwbourg - Decideo - Algorithmic Economy


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SDD2017 - 06 Philippe Nieuwbourg - Decideo - Algorithmic Economy

Published in: Data & Analytics
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SDD2017 - 06 Philippe Nieuwbourg - Decideo - Algorithmic Economy

  1. 1. From a Data Driven Economy to the Algorithmic Economy Philippe NIEUWBOURG - @Decideo
  2. 2. From terabyte to geopbyte: the real question is about business models
  3. 3. Manufacturing: from crafts to industrial robots
  4. 4. Information: from knowledge workers to automatization
  5. 5. AI is a very long-running story…
  6. 6. Examples from one industry: Finance
  7. 7. Big competitors • GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) • Telecommunications companies (Orange Bank, Telefonica Wayra…)
  8. 8. N26 • Open an account from your home, just with your cell phone • Very low cost • Mastercard debit card
  9. 9. Estonian e-Residency • Status of e-Resident inside European Community • Open your European business from all over world • Low taxes • Open your bank account without a physical visit • Blockchain technology • Connected accounting
  10. 10. iBanFirst / TransferWise • Open business banks accounts in all main currencies • Low cost currencies transactions • All your business online
  11. 11. Other examples
  12. 12. Siemens gas turbines To an IaaS business model
  13. 13. GE IoT Predictive Analytics From appliances to predictive alerts
  14. 14. Eliminate frictions! Don't force, go around! Netflix for television, Movie Pass for cinema?
  15. 15. Objects + Data (Unstructured) + Algorithms = Value
  16. 16. 5 types of algorithms based on object’s data • Streaming Analytics = Understand a behavior as soon as it occurs • Machine Learning = Build models • Time Series = predict recurring events • Spatial Analytics = Predict where it happens • Prescriptive Analytics = suggest decisions
  17. 17. Google Video Intelligence
  18. 18. Belcorp: from direct sales to prescriptive suscriptions 1 000 000 salespersons, in 15 LATAM countries
  19. 19. Artificial Augmented intelligence Avoid the #AI - washing!
  20. 20. 99,99 % of “intelligent” applications are not smart at all! Intelligence is the capacity to understand, deduct and think abstractly. It includes abilities to automatically acquire new skills and use it to find solutions to problems.
  21. 21. Cats and deep learning…
  22. 22. An “artificial intelligence” system can learn professional football, but it will be unable to play football with a kid.
  23. 23. We should rather talk about Augmented Intelligence than Artificial Intelligence Human Machine + = • Creativity • Intuition • Detect links • Search and understand causality • Computing power • Depth of calculation • Multi-dimensions • Optimization
  24. 24. How Augmented Intelligence will impact your business
  25. 25. Chatbots: Customer service • An automated system to answer simple questions • Provide a 24/7 available online customer service for free • People want a conversation, not just search for information • Keep human customer service for level 2 • Very quick ROI (depending on call centers costs) • Replace more and more jobs as it learns new skills
  26. 26. Augmented accounting • Achieve a complete automatization of accounting documents entry • “Understand” invoices and other documents to select the right accounts • Automatize error detection • Automatize dashboards and reports production • Keep accountants time for added value and analysis tasks • Replace more and more jobs as it learns new skills
  27. 27. Legal • Analyze millions of contract pages, quicker than humans • Ability to understand a very standardized language • Keep in “mind” much more information than a human being • But it’s just able to execute not to create and imagine • Augmented Intelligence will not replace lawyers, but all paralegals
  28. 28. In all industries, management trust more on machine based decisions
  29. 29. From technology to sustainable human development
  30. 30. More impact in developed countries, where labor cost is higher
  31. 31. How common jobs will be impacted • From many accountants to one chief accountant • From many taxi driver to… almost 0 • From many long road truck drivers to a few local truck experts • From paralegals to lawyers • From programers to architects • From Data Scientists to Algorithms Scientists
  32. 32. Be smart or be nothing! What will be our children’s future? It’s our responsibility. We are not only data scientists!
  33. 33. From a Data Driven Economy to the Algorithmic Economy Philippe NIEUWBOURG - @Decideo Let’s discuss it online!, an international research project launched early next year