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Ruby on rails presentation


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An overview of how ethically questionable legal and policy issues in tech are often underlying diversity issues, and how to solve that.

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Ruby on rails presentation

  1. 1. Ethical Issues in the Law and Tech with Product Ideation, Creation & Shipping Bari A. Williams, Esq.
  2. 2. 1. Diversity. 2. Inclusion. 3. Equity. 4. Parity. Bari A. Williams, Esq. As any good lawyer will tell you… diction matters. How do we define the terms around representation and equity? What do these words mean, to individuals and companies?
  3. 3. Principles and profit are not mutually exclusive. The balance between being profitable and being principled is only as hard as a business leader makes it. Privacy and data breaches, more disinformation campaigns, funding companies through investments from questionable sources, and platforms hosting fake profiles and groups full of hate speech. All of these instances present ethical dilemmas for tech companies: Not just how to solve the current crisis, but how to mitigate future risks while not limiting rewards. Bari A. Williams, Esq.
  4. 4. What are key ethical issues in the intersection of law and tech? 1. Lack of diversity when working on matters can expose you to bad product creation. (A product a differently abled consumer can’t use.) 2. Lack of diversity when working on matters exposes you to blind-spots with unintended results with disparate impact. (Ad targeting which is actually discrimination.) 3. Lack of diversity when considering marketing campaigns can yield undesirable results. (CA Lotto Latinx ad) Bari A. Williams, Esq.
  5. 5. Examples of real legal issues when diversity is ignored… 1. Facebook - Cambridge Analytica and voter suppression, Facebook and targeted ads HUD lawsuit 2. Apple - Cognitive diversity v. representational diversity 3. The First Step Act – Implementing technology when you don’t understand it What is the legal and political and PR liability exposure? Bari A. Williams, Esq.
  6. 6. What can coders and designers do to push for ethical solutions to these problems? Bari A. Williams, Esq.
  7. 7. Advocacy starts from the inside. What does that mean for you, and what you create? To get, and retain, business, firms will have to walk the walk on diversity and inclusion with product ideation, creation, testing, and shipping. Bari A. Williams, Esq.
  8. 8. Solutions… 1. Be proactive about bringing all voices to the table. 2. Deliberately ask yourself how you can be an ally. 3. When looking at solving a problem, ask yourself if this answer/solution would work for women, differently abled, and people of color. 4. Also ask if your intended solution may have unintended negative consequences for marginalized communities. If you aren’t sure… refer back to #1. Bari A. Williams, Esq.
  9. 9. Questions? Please feel free to ask anything. Bari A. Williams, Esq.