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Waltz @P05&P07, PETRA Days 2019


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Waltz UX @P05&p07

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Waltz @P05&P07, PETRA Days 2019

  1. 1. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov @P05&P07 on behalf of HZG/WPI Team
  2. 2. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov High level instrument view * credits to Fabian Wilde
  3. 3. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov
  4. 4. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov
  5. 5. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Beamline Software EcoSystem Roles perspective
  6. 6. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov
  7. 7. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov
  8. 8. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov
  9. 9. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov
  10. 10. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Waltz v0.7.3 features – present ● Security ● Application + User logs ● Dashboard profiles (per user) ● Customizable Table, Plot and List data views ● Multiple Tango hosts browser ● Search filters ● Tango Manager ● Editable Info panels ● Scripting ● Terminal ● Device filters ● Devices configuration and monitor ● Documentation ● Development platform ● Integration with TINE via TTTGW ● Unique widgets for unique needs
  11. 11. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Future plans (20-21)
  12. 12. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Waltz → Waltz 2.0 diagram
  13. 13. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Waltz 2.0 features – summary ● Rich server side: – Connectors to different CS (EPICS, TINE, TANGO) – Direct hardware access modules – Widgets server side ● Unified communication protocol ● Different user roles ● Split backend into microservices ● Mobile friendly interface
  14. 14. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov How to try... ● Ready for use on your beamline: ● Live Demo in Amazon cloud – See Waltz readme /waltz-controls/waltz ● Docker container $> wget $> docker-compose up $> firefox http://localhost:8080/waltz
  15. 15. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Thank you! Questions? Please share your ideas/thoughts at:  waltz-controls/waltz/issues 
  16. 16. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov DEMO
  17. 17. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Users feedback: J.Hammel, P05 Waltz offers a couple of very convenient features if you have to work with a distributed setup of tango device servers at the beamline, since it integrates all different servers in one instance. I like a lot the idea to have “astor” and “jive” capabiliites plus many extra features integrated into one tool. Waltz is my preferred tool for early commissioning of new components, since e.g. the dashboard allows to monitor many devices and attributes simultaneously. It also very conviente if you do not have to switch between many jive windows to access these attributes of interest. The online monitoring and plotting tools in Waltz are also valuable tools for commissioning. Of course I also like the HQ a lot since it offers me as beamline scientist the possibility to easily maintain and configure our dataformat services.
  18. 18. 05/09/19 Igor Khokhriakov Users feedback: F. Wilde, P05 Waltz is now used as a standard commissioning tool at P05 and thus replaced other tools like Astor, Jive and ATK panel. Waltz 'all-in-one-place' approach reduces Window-clutter and the need for many remote logins. Although it is in very active development, the system feels mature.