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Ask the Expert with Al Killen-Harvey


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Join us for an Ask the Expert session on the topic of LGBTQ youth. This session is designed for participants to ask expert Al Killen-Harvey questions to help you understand the risk factors of LGBTQ youth and how to improve your practices in working with this underserved population. Questions can be sent prior to the session or asked live during the event.
The Ask the Expert session has two-parts.
After registration, participants will receive a link to a 30-minute recorded mini lecture by Mr. Killen-Harvey. This session is a pre-requisite and will provide key points around working with male victims.
Part two is the live, virtual Ask the Expert session held on September 19, 2017 at 10am.
It is strongly encouraged that participants view the 30-minute session to allow for a deeper conversation during the live Ask the Expert event.

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