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Scottish Government - Roger Halliday

  1. Data to improve decision making in Scottish Government Roger Halliday Chief Statistician & Head of Performance @hallidayroger
  2. Data for innovation Predictive analytics Data linkage Data sharing Health and homelessness Delayed discharge Reducing reoffending Health and work

Editor's Notes

  1. In my role as Chief Statistician in Scottish Government, my mission is to improve the lives of people in Scotland through telling an evidence based story of Scotland that influences key decisions. While we’re a significant assembler of data about Scotland, what I wanted to do with this introduction was share a couple of innovative things we’re doing with data to support decision making.
  2. First, data for accountability and planning - NPF is focus of all Scottish Government activity - LHS Govt purpose and outcomes, RHS is measure success - National Outcomes drive evidence needs and identify gaps - Outcome indicators based upon RSS approach to what makes a good indicator - Undertaken review – quality labour market and community cohesion most difficult to measure – any help? - Scottish Parliament budget scorecards – exports example - starting NPF review
  3. Other issue is using data to drive innovation - public finance challenges mean need to do things cheaper or in different ways - new powers for Scottish Parliament mean need to consider tax revenues as well as public spending - our problem has been that problems and solutions are cross-sectoral, but data is often siloed - and data about Scotland is collected by others and often difficult to access - Opening up HMRC and DWP data vital to that e.g. on reducing reoffending, know reoffend, but don’t know whether working or claiming benefits - working together on that alongside development of data sharing parts of digital economy bill - we have good data linkage systems in place, however this needs to work quicker and getting more practical information governance arrangements are key - This will allow us to properly bring using data into the operation of the public services in Scotland. E.g. delayed discharge and health/work projects