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Asset & equipment management presentation 2016 module 1 v2.01


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Module 1 of 4 - Covering Background Understanding

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Asset & equipment management presentation 2016 module 1 v2.01

  1. 1. Asset Management Training Module 1 – Background Understanding On – Line Support & Knowledge Building Martin Sheppard Smart Connection Consultancy
  2. 2. Structure of On Line Learning 1. Asset Management Module – 4 2. Asset Management Learners Guide 3. Active Canberra Asset Management Tool Box
  3. 3. On Line Learning Modules 1. Background and understanding of the role and importance of facility and equipment maintenance 2. Types of facility maintenance 3. Funding strategy for asset and equipment maintenance 4. What is an asset management plan for your facility and how do you develop one
  4. 4. Module 1. Background to Asset Management Active Canberra - Government Commitment • Active 2020 to encourage more people to be active • Most active State / Territory in Australia • Growth in obesity and sedentary lifestyles • Changing participations – will they impact on the asset needs? • Commitment to building capacity within clubs and Territory Providers to meet community needs
  5. 5. 1. Background to Asset Management (Cont) Community Changes in Participation • Traditional v casualisation of sport • Time poor and alternative needs • Happy to pay for quality experience • Changing and ageing demographic • Facilities need to change to meet needs People used to get fit to play sport, now they use sport to stay fit! What Impact of Facilities and Asset Needed To Meet Needs?
  6. 6. A Vision For Our Future Canberra residents and our visitors are engaged in Active Recreation and Play through accessible quality experiences that attract and encourage use, exploration and appreciation of our natural areas, play spaces and sporting amenities
  7. 7. SEGMENTATION VIDEO The Changing Face of Community Sport
  8. 8. What Impact Will These Changes Have On Your Clubs and Facilities?
  9. 9. Importance of Asset Management Plan 1. Assets need to meet expectations of the community 2. Better facilities are normally aligned with better services and experience 3. More people will then want to participate in the service
  10. 10. 2. The Role and Importance of Facility and Equipment Maintenance • The importance of asset management is critical if the community is to receive a positive experience while recreating and playing sport at community facilities • The community now has many choices for their leisure dollar and many are choosing to invest their time and money in programs and facilities that are clean, well maintained are appealing to them as a consumer • Even if this means additional costs as they rate value over costs – where they can afford to
  11. 11. 2. The Role and Importance of Facility and Equipment Maintenance To be able to manage the asset and meet the community needs each community sport and recreation organisation requires:- An Asset Management Plan, which clearly allows sporting organisations to plan, manage and monitor the ability of the asset to meet its strategic goals and those expectations of their CUSTOMERS
  12. 12. Clubs Asset Management Principles Maintain sport and recreation facilities to support community access and participation opportunities
  13. 13. Clubs Asset Management Principles Foster and enhance appreciation of the need for robust business models and asset management plans to support the facility provided
  14. 14. Clubs Asset Management Principles Encourage the provision of practical, multi-functional, energy and water efficient, low maintenance facilities that are not harmful to the environment;
  15. 15. Clubs Asset Management Principles Improve the safety of existing facilities;
  16. 16. Clubs Asset Management Principles Manage the environmental, financial and community risks of asset failure;
  17. 17. Clubs Asset Management Principles Plan for ‘forward works programs’ that can align with revenue generation strategies and possible grant funding programs.
  18. 18. Module 1 Conclusion 1. For your club or organisation have you seen the changes in needs of your members? 2. Have you seen the changes and needs of the broader community and has that impacted on your membership member? 3. If your assets where improved would that make a difference to the broader community wanting to use your facilities? 4. What do you think your facility could enhance that would make a difference to encourage more participants?