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Legislation and rights: Key focus/priority for CRVS-gender


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Presentation by Martin Bratschi (Vital Strategies) at the High-Level Panel and technical consultations on Making the Invisible Visible: CRVS as a basis to Meeting the 2030 Gender Agenda - Ottawa, 26 February 2018.

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Legislation and rights: Key focus/priority for CRVS-gender

  1. 1. Legislations and Rights: Key focus/priority for CRVS-gender Martin Bratschi, PhD (
  2. 2. Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative -- CRVS Program -- • Governance and Coordination • Notification and Registration of birth and deaths Strong partnerships with Civil Registration authorities, Ministries of Health, and National Statistics Office to ensure that activities are: • Country owned and country led • Build capacity • Sustainable • MCCOD and ICD Coding • Verbal Autopsy Interventions: Collaborative Approach:
  3. 3. D4H Legal Reviews and Gender • CRVS legal review tool applied in more than 10 countries (presentation by Philip Setel in Panel Session 6) • Promote international best-practice and universal civil registration – ensure no discrimination in the legal framework • Gender related issue in CRVS legislation: birth registration requirements/best practices of the naming and getting a signature of the father • Possible point for discussion: How does the D4H partnership approach help strengthen systems and promote international best practice?