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One fashionable legacy recap 2


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Part 2 of my recap!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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One fashionable legacy recap 2

  1. 1. One Fashionable Legacy RECAP PART 2
  2. 2. Chanel Fashionista Gela Zhang Chloe Zhang Celine Zhang Pamela Custer Anna Custer Alexander Custer Calvin Fashionista Christian Fashionista Zac Fashionista Vera Fashionista Fashionista Family Tree (Generations 1-3, direct descendants only)
  3. 3. Picking up right where we left off! Chloe Zhang graduated with a 4.0 Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Economics. She married Connor Turner and became Chloe Turner. Connor Turner is a popularity sim with the LTW to become Mayor. He’s a Libra and his stats are 2/8/2/6/7. He has black hair, tan skin and grey eyes.
  4. 4. Chloe and Connor had 2 children – Tommy and Collette. Tommy was named after Tommy Hilfiger. He is 1 of 15 in Generation 4. He is a popularity sim with the LTW to become a Rock God. He’s a Cancer with stats of 6/3/6/5/5. Collette was named after Collette Dinnigan. She is 3 of 15 in Generation 4. She is a knowledge sim with the LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind.
  5. 5. Chloe’s LTW was to own 5 top level businesses, and with the help of her family she was able to accomplish this. Her business ventures included a grocery store, a hair salon, a shopping mall, an auto plaza, and an art museum. Connor also achieved his LTW, becoming the Mayor.
  6. 6. With all the Generation 3’s beginning to graduate from college and starting families of their own, a placeholder was moved in to remain at Oresha Fruhm. Her name is Jaiden Wong. Jaiden is a Cancer and family sim with the LTW to have 6 grandchildren. Her stats are 1/5/6/2/8. More on Jaiden later….
  7. 7. Pamela and Toby’s oldest daughter, Anna was married shortly after Chloe. She married Alvin Sartor, whom she had met in college. Alvin was a fortune sim with the LTW to become a Hall of Famer. He was a Leo with stats of 4/10/4/4/3. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. Both Anna and Alvin completed their LTWs during adulthood.
  8. 8. The Sartors had 2 sons, Adam (left) and Rick. The two took after their grandmother in terms of skin tone. They didn’t resemble their parents much, but they were a tight knit family all the same. Adam is named after ADAM and is 2 of 15 in Generation 4. He’s a knowledge sim with the LTW to become a Mad Scientist. He is a Gemini with stats of 4/10/9/4/1. Rick is named after Rick Owens. He was born 4 of 15 in Generation 4. He’s a popularity sim with the LTW to become The Law. He’s a Sagittarius with stats of 0/7/9/6/3.
  9. 9. Christian Fashionista was the next to marry. He married Edith Hourvitz, taking her last name as to not create confusion with the main legacy household. Edith is a family sim and an Aquarius. Her LTW is to become an Education Minister (just like Christian) and her stats are 4/4/7/7/6. She has tan skin, brown eyes, and red hair. Both Edith and Christian became Education Ministers later in life.
  10. 10. Christian and Edith had two daughters, Nina(right) and Elie. Nina is named after Nina Ricci and is 5 of 15 in Generation 4. She’s a Taurus and a family sim. She has the LTW to become the Head of the SCIA and has stats of 7/6/4/7/6. Elie is named after Elie Saab and was born 9 of 15 in Generation 4. She’s a pleasure sim with the LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. She’s a Scorpio with stats of 7/6/9/6/1.
  11. 11. Celine eventually settled down with Blake Fuchs, who became Blake Zhang after marriage. Blake is a popularity sim who’s LTW is to become a General. He’s a Leo with stats of 6/2/7/7/3. He has green eyes, brown hair, and fair skin. Celine and Blake both reached their LTWs in adulthood.
  12. 12. Celine had three kids with Blake. A set of twin girls, Alice and Olivia (named after Alice & Olivia) and a son, Jason (named after Jason Wu). Alice (left) was born 6 of 15 in Generation 4. She is a romance sim with the LTW to have 20 simultaneous lovers. She is an Aries with stats of 6/9/7/7/3. Olivia was born 7 of 15 in Generation 4 and is a family sim with the LTW of marrying off 6 kids. She’s a Cancer with stats of 6/2/7/7/3. Jason was born 13 of 15 in Generation 4. He’s a popularity sim with the LTW of becoming a Business Tycoon. He’s a Sagittarius with stats of 6/2/9/7/1.
  13. 13. The Celine Zhang household also had a pet dog, her name was Lulu after Lulu Lemon (not really a designer but go with it).
  14. 14. Then we have Alexander. He met a woman named Kelly Creelman in college and married her shortly after graduation. They kept his last name of Custer. Kelly is a pleasure sim with the LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind. She’s a Libra with 2/8/2/6/7 as her stats. She has fair skin, green eyes, and black hair. Alexander and Kelly both reached their LTWs.
  15. 15. Together, Alexander and Kelly had two girls who they named Jasmin (right) and Tory. Jasmin was named after Jasmin Shokrian. She is number 8 of 15 in Generation 4 and is a family sim with the LTW to become a Captain Hero. She’s an Aries with stats of 9/10/9/3/1. Tory was named after Tory Burch. She’s number 12 of 15 in Generation 4 and is an Aries with stats of 9/10/9/3/1. Some first born syndrome may have occurred here… Her aspiration and LTW were also identical to her older sister’s.
  16. 16. Going to skip over our heir, Zac and talk about his twin sister, Vera. She married famous townie cashier, George McCarthy- whom she had also met in college. George McCarthy is a Capricorn with 4/6/2/9/4 as his stats. He is a fortune sim with the LTW to become the Head of the SCIA. He has blonde hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Unsurprisingly, they both fulfilled their LTWs in adulthood.
  17. 17. The McCarthy’s had two sons, Matthew (left) and Andrew. I don’t have a picture of them as teens because I am big dumb. Matthew was named after Matthew Williamson. He is number 11 of 15 in Generation 4. He’s a Taurus and knowledge sim with the LTW to become a City Planner. His stats are 8/8/2/9/4. Andrew was named after Andrew GN. He’s the baby of Generation 4 as 15 of 15. He’s a Sagittarius with stats of 1/6/10/8/4. He’s a pleasure aspiration with the LTW to Become a Game Designer.
  18. 18. Zac, our Generation 3 heir, married Jade Zaidi in his family's backyard on a crisp winter day. Jade is a Cancer with stats of 6/3/6/4/6. She is a family sim with the LTW of reaching her golden anniversary. She has brown hair, light blue eyes, fair skin, and most importantly a face that isn’t face 1 or 2 (It was time to mix it up). Also , they did both complete their LTWs which can’t really be a shock to anyone at this point.
  19. 19. Jade and Zac only had two potential heirs, Charlotte and Michael. Charlotte was born 10 of 15 in Generation 4. She was named after Charlotte Ronson and is a fortune sim with the LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind. She’s a Virgo with stats of 8/1/9/2/6. Michael was number 14 of 15 in Generation 4. He was named after Michael Kors. He’s a knowledge sim with the LTW of becoming a Mad Scientist. He’s a Capricorn with stats of 8/3/2/10/10.
  20. 20. Michael was selected as the Generation 4 heir.
  21. 21. Because sims don’t live forever (unless you count vampires or sims abusing the Elixir of life), Generation 2 eventually died off. All had completed their LTW’s and been close to their children and grandchildren before passing.
  22. 22. The main household had mourned Ralph long enough and decided it was time for a new dog...or rather, two new dogs. The family adopted Dolce (black fur) and Gabbana (white fur), after Dolce & Gabbana. They ended up having two male puppies named Rag and Bone (after Rag & Bone. I know, my creativity astounds even me.).
  23. 23. Rag (top) was given to Christian’s household and Bone was given to Vera’s. Both Rag and Bone, as well as their parent’s have since passed.
  24. 24. Chanel Fashionista Gela Zhang Chloe Turner Tommy Turner Collette Turner Celine Zhang Alice Zhang Olivia Zhang Jason Zhang Pamela Custer Anna Sartor Adam Sartor Rick Sartor Alexander Custer Jasmin Custer Tory Custer Calvin Fashionista Christian Hourvitz Nina Hourvitz Elie Hourvitz Zac Fashionista Charlotte Fashionista Michael Fashionista Vera McCarthy Matthew McCarthy Andrew McCarthy Fashionista Family Tree (Generations 1-4, direct descendants only
  25. 25. Generation 4 began to head off to college at NuTerra University. Tommy was the first to arrive. Not long after his arrival that the house got a huge makeover.
  26. 26. The former placeholder, Jaiden, was able to graduate. She went on to marry Cyd Roseland. The two of them had a son, Henry, and a daughter, Vivian.
  27. 27. While we are on the topic of placeholders, Arcadia’s son, Ben, arrived to NuTerra University. Not wanting to join Oresha Fruhm, he chose to start the first all-male fraternity on campus, Urele Var Fruhm. Ben was a personable guy, so he was able to recruit new members quickly.
  28. 28. When his sister, Adrianna, arrived to school she joined the all-women’s sorority (founded by my Simself), Anya Hoh Oresha.
  29. 29. Eventually all of the Generation 4’s made their way through college.
  30. 30. Most of them found love…some more than others.
  31. 31. Vicki Chun took over as the Oresha Fruhm placeholder once all of the Generation 4 kids graduated. She began dating Henry Roseland, Jaiden’s son. They ended up married after graduating and currently have 3 kids – Viola, and twin babies Cain and Isla. They moved back in with Jaiden and Cyd so they could assist with the child care.
  32. 32. Henry’s sister, Vivian, is currently a Sophmore in college and is a founding member of the Nagard Urele Var Sorority.
  33. 33. Also, the Oresha Fruhm house was getting way too cramped so I knocked it down and completely redid it for Generation 5.
  34. 34. To keep things from getting too long, I won’t be including Stats/LTW/etc. in the upcoming slides. Tommy married Marsha Bruneig and the pair had a daughter named Kate (1/35) and a son named Derek (5/35). Kate is named after Kate Spade who is hardly a designer but oh well. Derek is named after Derek Lam. The family has many pets who had random names - a cat named Kim, and 4 dogs named Red, Ginger, Cadet, and puppy Tucker (who’s parents are Ginger and Cadet) Tommy and Marsha are currently the only elders in their generation. Derek recently graduated from college.
  35. 35. Kate graduated from college and is the first (and currently only) of her generation to be married. She is married to Julien Cooke.
  36. 36. While many of the Generation 5s were just starting their lives, the Generation 3s had been nearing the end of their own. Anna and her husband Alvin passed away as did placeholder, Arcadia and her husband Aren. The rest of Generation 3 is currently still alive.
  37. 37. Adam married Meadow Thayer, they had three kids. Their oldest son, Hugo (2/35), named after the brand, Hugo Twin girls – Sonia (9/35) and Alexis (10/35), named after Sonia Rykiel and Alexis Mabille. Hugo recently graduated from college, Sonia and Alexis are currently Sophomores in Oresha Fruhm. They owned a family dog named Bailey at one point, but he has since passed away.
  38. 38. Hugo is dating Vivian Roseland.
  39. 39. Collette married a man named Berjes Tomyoy. They had three kids, a son named Cedric (3/35) and twins Camilla (7/35) and Marc (8/35). Cedric was named after Cedric Charlier and Camilla and Marc are named after brand Camilla & Marc. Cedric recently graduated from NuTerra. Camilla and Marc are in their last semester of college.
  40. 40. Rick married Cara Nanale. They had three sons. Maison (4/35) – named after Maison Margiela, and twins Viktor (12/35) and Rolf (13/35), named after Viktor & Rolf. Maison has recently graduated from NuTerra. Viktor and Rolf just left for college. They had a dog named Coach (after Coach) who has since passed away.
  41. 41. Nina married one of Ben’s fraternity brothers, Drake Okuma. They also had three kids because for some reason everyone in this generation kept having twins! Dennis (11/35) was named after Dennis Basso. He is currently a freshman in college. James (14/35) and his twin sister, Elizabeth, (15/35) were named after Elizabeth James. They are in their late teens and will head to college soon.
  42. 42. Alice never wanted to marry, as a romance sim she was busy completing her LTW of WooHooing 20 sims, which she did in fact complete. She also became a witch somewhere along the way and spends her time with her familiar, Marni (named after the brand Marni). While she hasn’t had any kids and has no desire for them– she loves spending time with her many nieces and nephews.
  43. 43. Olivia essentially did the opposite of her twin sister. She married Ben Grundstrom and they had six children together. Stella (6/35), Rachel (16/35), Roy (17/35), Emma (18/35), Nellie (21/35), and Daryl (22/35). Stella, named after Stella McCartney has recently graduated from NuTerra U. Rachel and Roy, twins named after Rachel Roy, are currently teens as are their younger siblings. Emma was named after Emma Cook, Nellie was named after Nellie Partow, and Daryl was named after Daryl K. The family has a pet dog named Hermes (after the brand) who is not pictured – but he is some sort of chihuahua.
  44. 44. Ben’s sister, Adrianna, had been living a good life after marrying the local Mr. Big, Blake Schehl. They moved into Gela and Vincent’s old home and had two sons, Liam and Gabe. Liam is currently a Sophomore in college and a member of Urele Nagard. Gabe is a teenager living at home.
  45. 45. Jasmin married the founder of Urele Nagard, Leonid Barrett. They had two daughters, Dion (23/35) and Elise (32/35). Dion was named after Dion Lee and Elise was named after Elise Overland. Dion just became a teenager and Elise is a child. They have a pet dog named Moscow (after the brand).
  46. 46. Elie married Joe Carr and had one set of twins. A boy named Lee (20/35) and a girl named Edeline (19/35), after Edeline Lee. The twins are currently teens.
  47. 47. Charlotte began her life as a spare with River Walton. They had two boys, Wayne (24/35) and Charles (31/35). Wayne was named after the brand by the same name, Charles was named after Charles Jeffery Loverboy. Wayne is a teen, Charles is a child. They recently adopted a dog named Balto (no naming concept for him).
  48. 48. Matthew married Margret Turner. They had two kids, a son named Chadwick (25/35) and a daughter named Claire (33/35). Chadwick goes by Chad and is named after Chadwick Bell. He is currently a teen. Claire is named after Claire Pettibone. She is currently a child. The family recently adopted an elder dog named Lucky, and only had him for a short time before he passed away.
  49. 49. Tory married Talin Rauscher and had only one child, named Steve (26/35). Steve is currently a teenager and is named after Steve Alan.
  50. 50. Jason married Kayla who’s maiden name is a mystery to me as I forgot to write it down. They had a daughter named Kira (27/35) and a son named Brandon (35/35). Kira is currently a teen. She was named after Kira Plastinina. Brandon is a child, named after Brandon Maxwell.
  51. 51. Michael Fashionista, Generation 4 heir, married a woman named Whitney, who’s last name I also apparently forgot to write down. I’m killing it. They have two kids, Allegra (28/35) and Brooks (34/35). Allegra was named after Allegra Hicks and Brooks was named after Brooks Brothers. Both are currently children. The heir of this generation has yet to be chosen.
  52. 52. Last but not least, Andrew married Erin, who’s last name was also misplaced. They had one set of twins, Zoe (30/35) and Jordan (29/35). They are named after Zoe Jordan and are both currently children.
  53. 53. If you made it this far, congrats! That wraps it up for the recap and you are all up to speed now. To view the current family tree you can use this link. Until next time!