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Intro to Google Tag Manager adding analytics events


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My slides from the talk at WordPress Bristol. For additional resources I would recommend:

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Intro to Google Tag Manager adding analytics events

  1. 1. Intro to Google Tag Manager: Adding Events to Analytics By Zach Goldie
  2. 2. GA’s Limitation - Only pageviews by default - Potential for so much more - Events need adding - Either hardcoded or GTM (or app integration)
  3. 3. What’s Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Deployment system - Avoid hard coding - Can implement many things - Articles about everything - Let’s just look at GA
  4. 4. GTM: The Components - Variables are details visitors interact with - Triggers use these variables to set off tags - Tags define the instruction of what will be triggered
  5. 5. Live Demo time! - Install - Setup - Debug - Data
  6. 6. Thanks for listening Time for some questions! Recommended resources: Free Beginners GTM Course 99 Uses for GTM Find me at