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Justice AND Healing: Trauma Informed MDT Investigations and Responses


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*Please note, the recording was cut off briefly in the introduction and the first couple of sentences from the presenter are not in the recording, however, no content is missing.

This webinar was presented on June 4, 2013 by Miriam Wolf, LCSW, for the Child Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Center, a project of the Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc. ( /

Since it’s inception, the MDIT/CAC (Multidisciplinary Investigation Team/Children’s Advocacy Center) movement has been described as having a two-fold mission: Justice and Healing. Recent efforts across many professions and disciplines to create “Trauma Informed Systems” complements this mission. This workshop – intended for non-mental health professionals who work on MDTs – will provide an overview about the impact of trauma on children who report maltreatment, how MDT members can collaborate with mental health professionals, how trauma issues intersect with MDT members roles and responsibilities, what a trauma-informed MDT system might look like, and what MDT members can do – individually and collectively – to mitigate the effects of trauma, during the investigation and beyond.

Participants will be able to:

Define the terms ”trauma” and ”trauma informed systems”
List components of a trauma informed system
Learn about efforts to create trauma informed responses within specific professions (e.g. NCTSN’s trauma-informed child welfare project) and how these can be adapted for teams
Articulate at least three strategies that MDT members can implement to mitigate effects of trauma
Learn how MDT members can collaborate with mental health professionals and systems to mitigate the effects of trauma
Appreciate that a trauma informed system includes awareness of and attention to the impact of secondary traumatic stress/compassion fatigue on MDT members

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