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Bertrand piccard this makes an idol a hero | linked in


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a real hero...

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Bertrand piccard this makes an idol a hero | linked in

  1. 1. Bertrand Piccard: This makes an idol a hero Published on September 2, 2016 Edit article | View stats Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist 7 articles
  2. 2. And here he was the innovative SolarImpulse Chairman, Pilot and Initiator Betrand Piccard. The Lunch-Setting was perfect, the location at HWZ great. He started showing a movie of the adventurous trip in the Solar-Airplane. Changing altitude to find the perfect wind was the learning from the balloon experience. Leaving certainty aside the second key message and get rid of ballast the last but not least one. He then went on emphasising on how important the perfect suitable partner is to succeed in a challenging project /endeavour. His SolarImpulse partner had been different in almost any aspects of characteristics and that was what has made it all work and succeed. And there it was the reference to having exact roles like in a marriage where one earns money and one spends it. In another great thirty minutes Bertrand Piccard shared more insights also on leadership skills, teamwork, sponsors and partnerships and ended it with great key words on making sure everyone of us lives their life to their full potential. The question round started with my hand up and the organiser introducing ‘ah a woman, great that’s typical, they are more curious’. With a little swallow I asked the question on motivational tips for crisis and got a great answer on making sure the focus of a project is always crystal clear. A few minutes later, the event was closed and it was time for getting all the courage out and stepping to the speaker table and asking for a photo. Positive Betrand Piccard did pose like a pro and then I dared to ask him: “would it be possible to going forward use another example in the role-definition-chapter. As ‘think-outside-the-box-in-
  3. 3. gender-roles’ is my passionate project and in my marriage we both earn money and spend it, it would be great if you could modernise your message on that part.” “Yes, of course. Great point. I will mention ‘marriage like old times’ going forward. “, he replied instantly. And there he was my hero! It was great to hear him share his experience of the SolarImpulse project and it was inspiring to listen to his learnings but what made him my hero was his absolutely authentic way of responding to my input in a considerate and reflective way. And thats what makes human beings excellent! #futureisclean Report this Published by Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist Published • 3yr 7 articles I dream came true and I met my Nr. 1 inspirational Swiss Citizen today! And he is even better and more conscious and authentive than expected. Reactions Like Comment 5Share 0 Comments Add a comment… Alexandra von Muralt Passionate Recruiter, CV-Consultant & Apocaloptimist
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