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Star Wars Digital Landscape Competitive Analysis


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Research and presentation for Disney Consumer Products that fulfilled multiple purposes: it provided an overview of what was already out there as a reference for our teams, identified key commonalities and design patterns that could be leveraged while iterating on ideas for our next phase, and unearthed gaps in the current landscape that we could turn into opportunities.

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Star Wars Digital Landscape Competitive Analysis

  2. 2. OVERVIEW BROWSER GAMES • Galactic Spy • Jawa Junkyard: Droids • Ewok Village • Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid • Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Strike • Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions • Star Wars Arcade • Star Wars Rebels: Team Tactics • Yoda’s Jedi Training • Lightsaber Experience APPS, MEDIA, & VR/AR • Official Star Wars App • Jakku Spy • Trials on Tatooine • Star Wars Holo-Cinema • Facebook 360 Experience for Force Awakens • Sphero BB-8 Companion App MOBILE GAMES • Angry Birds Star Wars • Star Wars: Commander • Star Wars Card Trader • Star Wars: Heroes Path • Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes • Star Wars: Uprising • Force Trainer CONSOLE/DESKTOP GAMES • Star Wars: TIE Fighter • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic • Star Wars: The Old Republic • Disney Infinity 3.0 • Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga • Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens • Star Wars Battlefront (+ App)
  3. 3. KEY Release 201x Platform Desktop/Console/Mobile/ BrowserDeveloper Company Indicates game is within official Star Wars canon (vs. Legends or non-canon) Link out to game and/or further information Game details (initial release date, available platforms, game developer, etc.) Release 201x Platform Browser, Console, Desktop, Mobile Developer Company
  4. 4. STAR WARS: TIE FIGHTER • First Star Wars game to let you play as a bad guy • Fly TIE fighter in space battles to take down Rebels, pirates, and traitorous Imperial forces • Get in-depth briefings that build an exciting story • Go on secret missions as part of Emperor Palpatine’s inner circle and ultimately prevent a coup and attempt on his life  Space flight simulator where you become an Imperial hero Release 1994 Platform Desktop Developer LucasArts, TotallyGames
  5. 5. STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC • In the Ancient Galactic Republic, Jedi Knights are getting taken out by the Sith; you are the last hope of the Jedi Order • Your alignment is determined through your actions (from dialogue choices to major plot decisions) • Turn-based combat with a variety of weapons (blasters, lightsabers, etc.) and Force Powers (over 40 total) • You have up to nine companions who each have their own abilities, specialties, backstories, and opinions  First Star Wars RPG offers a cinematic, immersive feel and complex moral decisions Release 2003 Platform Desktop, Mobile Developer Bioware, Aspyr Media
  6. 6. LEGO STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA • Single player and co-op multiplayer • Doesn’t delve too deeply into the plot of the saga, more like a summary with a focus on important events, often with a funny or irreverent take • Play as over 120 different characters • Version for Wii lets you use the Wii Remote as a lightsaber  Humorous Lego retelling of the prequel and original trilogies Release 2007 Platform Console, Desktop, Mobile Developer Traveller's Tales, TT Fusion
  7. 7. LEGO STAR WARS III: THE CLONE WARS • Has new battle modes and mechanics and an upgraded level builder to create custom bases and battlefields • Play either as a Jedi or Separatist with new character abilities  Another funny Lego retelling, this time of Clone Wars with updated gameplay Release 2011 Platform Console, Desktop, Mobile Developer Traveller's Tales, TT Fusion, Telltale Games
  8. 8. STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC … • Only remaining source (other than official SW blog) that continues to produce new Legends content — still has too many users for Lucas to shut down • Types of combat: • Warzones: instanced areas where Imperial and Republic forces battle each other • Flashpoints: story-driven adventures for a group of players • Operations: large-scale multi-group missions where you will join Republic or Imperial allies  Legends MMORPG still active & evolving Release 2011 Platform Desktop Developer BioWare, EA
  9. 9. ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS • Different birds have in-character extras • Boosts include planting mines, calling in droids, and calling in the Millennium Falcon • Breaks with canon, but also not much chance of confusion • Angry Birds Star Wars II (2013) focuses on prequel characters, can also play as “Pork” (Dark) side • Unlock new characters with Hasbro’s Telepods  Puzzle game with a Star Wars skin Release 2012 Platform Console, Mobile Developer Rovio, Exient
  10. 10. GALACTIC SPY • Watto hires you as a spy in Mos Eisley • You’re tasked with finding hidden objects and characters within large detailed images • Adapted from the book Star Wars: Complete Locations; also includes elements from Clone Wars and Expanded Universe, spanning multiple areas  Star Wars meets Where’s Waldo Release 2012 Platform Browser Developer Soap
  11. 11. JAWA JUNKYARD: DROIDS • Simple browser game for a younger audience • In the workshop, you mix and match astromech parts to make different droids • In challenge mode, you memorize a droid design and recreate it to unlock new droid parts  Droid assembly and memory game Release ~2012 Platform Browser Developer Lucas?
  12. 12. EWOK VILLAGE • You play an Ewok Chief with the goal of creating and growing a thriving village • Build infrastructure and huts that fulfill various villager needs throughout a forest • The more you build, the more Ewoks move in, which in turn levels you up and unlocks new items  Create a happy Ewok village through resource management Release 2014 Platform Browser Developer Lucas?
  13. 13. STAR WARS REBELS: GHOST RAID • Navigate the Ghost through enemy territory and disable Imperial supply ships • Once a supply ship is down, fly an attack shuttle to protect the Ghost while it transfers supplies • Goal is to collect credits and power-ups, beat your score, and progress to the next location • Game emphasizes that you’re helping the Rebels characters, even though you never see them  Flight simulator to help the Rebels carry out raids on Imperial ships Release 2014 Platform Browser Developer Disney Interactive
  14. 14. STAR WARS REBELS: REBEL STRIKE … • Play as Rebels characters conducting strikes against the Galactic Empire • Destroy Imperial armaments and steal supplies, progressing through levels • Overhead view with turn-based combat • Each of the characters are upgradeable with credits earned during the mission  Carry out Rebel strikes against Imperial forces Release 2014 Platform Browser Developer Disney Interactive
  15. 15. STAR WARS JOURNEYS: BEGINNINGS • Each movie’s section includes an activity (such as podracing) and an “interactive story experience” • Proceed scene by scene through the plot of the movie, reading summaries via scrollable text under a slightly animated illustration • Collect Star Wars Profiles as you proceed through the story  Semi-interactive retelling of the prequels Release 2014 Platform Mobile Developer Disney Interactive/Publishing
  16. 16. STAR WARS: COMMANDER … • Takes place between A New Hope and Empire, you start out as a mercenary who has to choose to align with the Rebellion or the Empire in order to build a base of operations • Build and defend your base, train troops and recruit heroes, and lead battles against enemies • Some light story-driven campaigns where you complete special missions • Multiplayer mode Squad Wars: your 15-person squad engage in battles against another squad  Raiding strategy game in the style of Clash of Clans Release 2014 Platform Mobile Developer Disney Mobile
  17. 17. STAR WARS REBELS: STRIKE MISSIONS … • In story missions, you track transmissions to various Imperial locations to try and save a prisoner in distress • In survival mode, you survive waves of enemies for long enough for the Ghost to pick you up • Go on missions with two characters at a time • Earn credits to level up within three tracks (health, power, speed) and get special ammo  Fight your way through Imperial forces to track down the source of transmissions Release 2015 Platform Browser Developer Disney Interactive
  18. 18. STAR WARS REBELS: RECON MISSIONS … • You play as Ezra, going on solo missions to take down the Empire and rescue its citizens from peril • Customize and expand your secret Rebel Haven — the more shelters you build, the more citizens you can save (which in turn unlocks abilities) • Intuitive combat controls with satisfying and varied rewards system  Help Ezra save his planet and bolster a Rebel base against the Empire Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer Gigataur, Disney Interactive
  19. 19. STAR WARS CARD TRADER  Collect and trade 1000+ digital Star Wars cards • Digital versions of trading cards from 1977 to now • You can trade cards with other users or purchase card packs in the in-app store • Increase “Force Score” with every card you own Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer The Topps Company
  20. 20. STAR WARS: HEROES PATH … • Retelling of A New Hope; puzzle levels are interspersed with comic book-esque cut scenes • Have to get a character across the board, avoiding enemies and obstacles, and obtaining additional objectives  Strategically move characters across a game board recreation of movie scenes Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer Disney Interactive
  21. 21. DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 • Physical play sets and story missions are divided by era (Clone Wars, Rebels, OT, Force Awakens) • You can gain the ability to mix and match past and present in Toy Box mode • Gets around narrative incongruities by stressing that the characters are digital toys, not their cinematic counterparts  Expansion adds Star Wars characters and settings to Disney Infinity Release 2015 Platform Console, Desktop Developer Avalanche, Disney Interactive
  22. 22. STAR WARS ARCADE … • Arcade games are Team Tactics and Yoda’s Jedi Training • Comms screen shows game updates and player rankings • Your Star Wars room can be customized with your initials and visual touches, as well as a trophy cabinet showing your in-game achievements  Personalized landing page for browser games Release 2015 Platform Browser Developer Disney Interactive
  23. 23. STAR WARS REBELS: TEAM TACTICS … • Loose adaptation of The Siege of Lothal • Progression through a level requires contribution from each character, and you need to get them all across to finish the level • Ezra: crawls through small spaces, uses “Force bubbles” to float objects • Sabine: throws explosives • Zeb: jumps higher than the others, can crouch for the others to use him as a boost  Get Rebels characters through obstacles using their unique skills and abilities Release 2015 Platform Browser Developer Disney Interactive
  24. 24. YODA’S JEDI TRAINING • Empire Strikes Back training: you’re Luke with Yoda on your back • Endless running platformer • Progress via jumping, flipping, climbing walls, swinging on vines, and slashing through obstacles with saber • Collect coins to upgrade abilities • Achieve milestones to get trophies and level up  Avoid obstacles for as long as possible with a tiny green man on your back Release 2016 Platform Browser Developer Disney Interactive
  25. 25. STAR WARS: GALAXY OF HEROES • You are playing a battle game in a cantina — no illusion that you are not simply playing a game • Assemble a team to fight light and dark side battles in turn-based PvE combat or PvP arenas • Major focus on collection and rewards: • Collect characters with shards • Level up characters for improved stats • Build gear sets to unlock new abilities • Sim cards to get rewards from a level you’ve already played without having to play it again  Collect characters from across the entirety of SW and put them into battles Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer EA
  26. 26. STAR WARS: UPRISING • An Imperial governor blockades your star system to prevent news of the rebels’ victory from reaching the people • You’re a smuggler who joins a rogue band of resistance fighters • Traditional F2P MMORPG structure includes story missions to further the narrative and single/multi- player missions for rewards • Daily Assault missions contribute to Sector Battles, game-wide events that dictate expansion of in-game content  Level up a roguish hero in the aftermath of Battle of Endor Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer Kabam
  27. 27. STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT • Gameplay includes one-off solo missions, local or online co-op, and 40-person competitive multiplayer • Level up to unlock Star Cards, weapons, and character customizations • Switch between Rebels or Empire • In your Diorama, 3D models are shown across four environments, unlocked by reaching specific goals • Simple flat design elements don’t distract from the environments, but aren’t very easy to see/understand  Immersive visuals and strong multiplayer brings the OT’s battles to life Release 2015 Platform Console, Desktop Developer DICE
  28. 28. BATTLEFRONT COMPANION APP • Standard companion app features: track your and your friends’ stats, view your unlocks, customize in-game loadout • Base Command minigame: tower defense with card game elements • Survive sieges of Imperial troops as you protect Rebel bases • Earn credits for use in console game  Companion app that includes a minigame to boost resources in main game Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer DICE/EA
  29. 29. OFFICIAL STAR WARS APP • Initial focus on building interest in Ep VII, now more continuous engagement and immersion • Franchise content: news and updates, social channels, behind the scenes • Immersion: visual themes, weather • Digital trends: GIFs, emojis, selfies • Scan posters to see virtual characters • Includes VR game Jakku Spy and AR game Force Trainer  Makes SW relevant and engaging for a new generation Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer Disney Interactive, Lucas
  30. 30. JAKKU SPY • You’re on Jakku as a Resistance spy, with BB-8 bringing you secret messages • View messages with Google Cardboard or just through phone screen • Download new messages through the app • View 360° of video (with no actual interaction other than replay and exit)  VR experience that introduced Jakku ahead of Force Awakens Release 2015 Platform Mobile, Cardboard Developer ILMxLAB, Google
  31. 31. FORCE TRAINER • Your device becomes your virtual training remote (AKA lightsaber) • Use it to deflect shots from a training droid seen through your device camera • As you advance, have to play with blast shield down and depend on audio cues  Training droid AR game turns your phone into a lightsaber Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer Disney Interactive?
  32. 32. FACEBOOK 360 EXPERIENCE FOR FORCE AWAKENS • As Rey’s speeder zooms through Jakku in a short second video, you can rotate camera to all angles and see the downed Star Destroyer • Interactive video works on app or browser  Introduction to Facebook’s 360 Video News Feed feature Release 2015 Platform Browser, Mobile Developer ILMxLAB, Facebook
  33. 33. LIGHTSABER ESCAPE • Player has to escape from a Star Destroyer • Pair your phone and computer; your phone becomes the saber handle and the blade shows on computer screen • Use your lightsaber to deflect blaster shots and swing to attack  Multi-platform lightsaber experience Release 2015 Platform Browser, Mobile Developer Google
  34. 34. SPHERO BB-8 COMPANION APP • Use phone as controller to drive • Record messages and view them (through phone screen) as a hologram over BB-8 • Patrol mode gives map readouts and gyro visualizations • Recognizes voice commands  App brings Sphero's BB-8 to life Release 2015 Platform Mobile Developer Sphero
  35. 35. STAR WARS HOLO-CINEMA • People stand in a room enveloped by giant wall and floor projection screens depicting Jakku • 3D glasses let you see C-3PO and BB-8 come out of the walls and into the room • The active shutter glasses let them project images directly onto your eyes — high fidelity images, no FOV limitations  Sundance AR experiment to highlight the future of immersive storytelling Release 2016 Platform AR Developer ILMxLAB
  36. 36. TRIALS ON TATOOINE • Luke is looking to rebuild Jedi Order after Jedi, sends Han Solo and R2-D2 to Tatooine to deliver a lightsaber to you, an aspiring Padawan • No non-integrated UI elements— all interactions with the environment are organic • Small interactive moments in experience (tapping on boxes) helps with making it feel real  Vive VR experience preview gives you a lightsaber that feels real Watch gameplay Release 2016 Platform HTC Vive Developer ILMxLAB
  37. 37. LEGO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS • Introduces Multi-Build (choose from multiple building options to solve a puzzle or fight a battle), Blaster Battles (use surroundings as cover), and improved flight gameplay • Includes a series of special levels designed specifically to flesh out events that were glossed over in the movie • The background stories were suggested by Lucas, but the game is still not technically canon [see interview with game writer]  Lego retelling of The Force Awakens Watch gameplay trailer Release 2016 Platform Console, Desktop Developer Traveller's Tales, TT Fusion
  38. 38. WHAT THE FUTURE MAY BRING  Sony is working on a version of Battlefront for Playstation VR, probably for this fall  Visceral + EA Motive have been working on a game for a while, but no real details have been announced  EA and Titanfall announced work on a 3rd person action-adventure game set in the Star Wars universe  Rumors of Star Wars: Imperial Commando, a squad-based shooter, coming out November 2017