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Startups against covid 19 v20200416


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As of April 16, 2020

Published in: Technology
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Startups against covid 19 v20200416

  1. 1. #COVIDstartups Startups Fighting COVID-19 Last update: April 16, 2020 by
  2. 2. • This document provides a sample of initiatives by startups to combat COVID-19. • Some solutions are commercial, some only local, some still in R&D. • Note: We did not software-only solutions (e.g. data analysis, remote consultations, triage, staffing of healthcare workers, logistics, etc.) About This Report
  3. 3. • Pharma and healthcare giants are working on testing existing drugs against the new virus, as well as developing new drugs. • A number of startups are also looking for cures, or ways to accelerate testing. PreventTestTreat New Research & Experiments To Repurpose Existing Medication Are Being Carried Out Worldwide David Ho Columbia University, USA
  4. 4. PreventTestTreat COVID-19 Drug Candidates In Phase III & IV Trials Source: Wikipedia The French Infectious Diseases Expert Dr. Didier Raoult From IHU Marseille Is A Key Supporter Of Chloroquine
  5. 5. • The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) —
 a global public-private partnership launched in 2017 that the Gates Foundation funds— made investments in eight vaccine programs. • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is spending billions to build factories to manufacture the seven most promising vaccine candidates. Manufacturing Capacity Building PreventTestTreat “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s more likely to be an infectious virus, rather than a war. […] We’re not ready for the next epidemic.” Bill Gates, TED 2015
  6. 6. • Macromoltek has designed a pool of in silicon virtual candidate antibodies to prevent COVID-19 from infiltrating cells and started testing for in vitro activity. • These antibodies may be used as a prophylactic to prevent front-line workers from being infected or to improve outcomes for those already affected. In-Silico Antibody Design PreventTestTreat Source: Y Combinator, Macromoltek
  7. 7. • Decathlon's snorkeling masks have been adapted into emergency ventilators using
 3d-printed parts. • The sports retailer has shared the designs and donated its entire stock to hospitals. Snorkeling Gear Into Ventilator Masks PreventTestTreat
  8. 8. • A coalition of UC Berkeley engineers, emergency room doctors and critical care pulmonologists designed simple modifications for BIPAP / CPAP machines. • This could free up ventilators
 for the most serious cases. Sleep Apnea Machines Could Be Ventilators PreventTestTreat Source:
  9. 9. • COVID-19 requires continuous lung monitoring to determine which patients are getting worse and when. • Strados offers a Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) system that allows one doctor to monitor >10x more patients. • The product is in clinical trials at leading hospitals, available for research use and possibly for compassionate use. Remote Lung Monitoring PreventTestTreat Source: Strados Labs, SOSV
  10. 10. • The EpiShuttle provides higher safety and comfort, and protects the environment from an infected patient. Single Patient Isolation & Transport System PreventTestTreat Source: Epiguard
  11. 11. PreventTestTreat The 3D-Printing Startup Formlabs Is Working On Validating Various Parts 3d-printed swabs 200+ can be made in a single print Source: Formlabs, SOSV
  12. 12. • Prellis can grow human lymph nodes outside of the body. • It vaccinates them to isolate human antibodies, and produce those at scale. • In 2017, they used this method to produce human antibodies for passive immunity against Zika. They are now applying it to Covid-19. Producing Covid-19 Antibodies For Passive Immunity PreventTestTreat Source: Prellis Biologics, Khosla Ventures, SOSV
  13. 13. • Many solutions are in the works. • This resource is compiled by the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND). Diagnostic Pipeline Source: FIND PreventTestTreat Commercial* Under Development TOTAL Molecular Assays 203 40 243 Immunoassays 189 46 235 Digital Solutions 1 2 3 Sample Collection / Inactivation 2 2 4 Other Diagnostics 2 4 6 * Includes ‘Research Use Only’. Geographic availability depends on certifications Note: FIND is a global NPO and WHO Collaborating Centre for Laboratory Strengthening and Diagnostic Technology Evaluation
  14. 14. • Fast, low-cost portable testing kit, based on CRISPR Cas12 • Sample to results in an hour. • Can be done without a lab. • Device cost <$200, strips <$10. Low-Cost Testing Kit Source:, SOSV PreventTestTreat
  15. 15. • Scanwell Health is seeking approval for a home test using one developed by Chinese manufacturer Innovita and deployed by the Chinese government. Home Testing Kit Source: Y Combinator, Scanwell PreventTestTreat
  16. 16. • Applied to FDA for the only at- home collection COVID-19 test based on stool. • Research shows the COVID virus shows up in stool even though it shows negative in a throat swab. Stool Testing Kit Source: Khosla Ventures, Viome PreventTestTreat
  17. 17. • Developing, towards FDA EUA, a 15- minute high-sensitivity point-of-care test with smartphone readout. • Parallel detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus from respiratory samples (to detect COVID-19 infection) and anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM antibodies from finger-stick blood (to quantitatively test for COVID-19 immunity). Point-of-Care Test With Smartphone Source: Khosla Ventures, Luminostics PreventTestTreat
  18. 18. • The smart ring startup Oura Health and West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute are studying if they can predict COVID-19 illness symptoms, particularly among frontline healthcare professionals. • The ring monitors temperature, sleep patterns, activity levels, and heart rate variability. • The AI model can currently predict a case 24h in advance 90% of the time. Smart Ring for Pre- Symptom Detection Source: Oura Health, Futurism PreventTestTreat
  19. 19. • Low-cost pipetting robot for labs, usable in hospitals. • An eight robot fully automated qPCR testing pipeline can do 2400 tests/day fully automated and costs $100k. Lab Robot Source: Opentrons, Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, SOSV PreventTestTreat
  20. 20. Formlabs Support Network
 For COVID-19 Response & 3D Parts Library Formlabs Support Network 3,000+ volunteers around the world Over 5,000 printers Formlabs COVID-19 Community Parts Library Source: Formlabs PreventTestTreat
  21. 21. Disinfection For Reuse Of Face Shields Source: Prusa 3D • The shield is developed and consulted with the Czech Ministry
 of Health. • All tests were performed by leading
 Czech labs and hospitals to ensure conclusive and reliable results. PreventTestTreat
  22. 22. PreventTestTreat Source: Verdex, SOSV Nanofiber Mask • New material that is more breathable and effectively blocks the virus (diameter ~120nm). • The material is effective from 100nm vs. N95 which targets particles above 300nm.
  23. 23. • Ao Air created a filtering system including positive pressure that requires no seal around the mouth and nose. • Tested to be 5-25x better than the N95 in protecting from particulate matter. Active Filtering Mask Source: Ao Air, SOSV PreventTestTreat
  24. 24. • Hands can lead to contamination via face touching. • Keen by HabitAware is a smart bracelet using machine learning to recognize specific movements and raise awareness. Smart Bracelet To Reduce Face Touching Source: HabitAware, SOSV PreventTestTreat
  25. 25. In Wuhan, JD Logistics uses autonomous robots to deliver essential to residents stuck at home due to the coronavirus. • Avidbots created autonomous cleaning and polishing robots that can include disinfectants. • They have been deployed globally in airports, hospitals, etc. Disinfection Robot TestTreat Prevent Source: Avidbots, SOSV
  26. 26. PreventTestTreat Source: Youibot, SOSV • Youibot equipped their autonomous robots with
 UV-C lamps for disinfection. • When not disinfecting, the robot used IR sensors and cameras for temperature scanning. Disinfection Robot
  27. 27. In Wuhan, JD Logistics uses autonomous robots to deliver essential to residents stuck at home due to the coronavirus. • Robots have been used in China to spray disinfectants. Disinfection Robot TestTreat Prevent Source: CNBC
  28. 28. • Smart helmets* with IR sensors and AI- based face recognition have been used in China to detect potential infections. • The devices work within 5m and give an alert if the temperature exceeeds 37.3C. • It takes 2 minutes to scan a queue of more than 100 people. Smart Helmet For Fever Scanning PreventTestTreat Source: China News * Made by Kuang-Chi
 Used in Chengdu & Shenzhen.
  29. 29. • Several organizations have offered funding and support to startups targeting prevention, testing and treatment. Support for Startup Fighting COVID-19 COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator fund $125 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, Mastercard,
 the U.K. government, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and Madonna. EU Funding Fast track to part of the €164M made available for R&D via the European Innovation Council (EIC) Recovery’ Program by Creative Destruction Lab Global academic science and tech startup accelerator program Online Pitching by Plug And Play Pitching event for products and services aimed
 at helping the world fight the coronavirus. COVID-19 Startup Acceleration by SOSV $250k funding for 8 startups via
 its IndieBio life sciences accelerator. Covid-19 Task Force by StartX 70+ StartX innovators with medical breakthroughs for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment
 of coronavirus mobilize efforts to fast-track
 public health needs during pandemic Y Combinator Fast-track for Covid-19 startups
 for its accelerator program.
  30. 30. Investing At Scale #2 Most Active Global Seed Fund in 2019 Crunchbase, 2020.01 150 Startups / Year $100k-$250k Looking Glass Factory 3D Holographic Display Follow-on Up to $1.5m / round Flow Neuroscience Depression Treatment Memphis Meats Cultured meat Investing At The Edge • $700m early stage deep tech fund • Investing in 150 startups/year • Operates world-leading 
 accelerator programs in
 Life Sciences (Indiebio),
 Hardware (HAX), Food (Food-X), Asia cross-border (Chinaccelerator & MOX), Blockchain (dlab) • Contact: PreventTestTreat AboutSources Simbe Robotics Shelf auditing and analytics Deep Tech Early Stage $277m Fund size $700m+ AUM