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Being a Tester in 2015


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Teri Charles and Lisa Crispin, SQuAD conference, 2015

Published in: Software
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Being a Tester in 2015

  1. 1. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Being  a  Tester  in  2015   Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin  
  2. 2. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   A  li7le  about  us   Teri   15+  years  tes=ng,  co-­‐organizer  of  Boulder   QA  Meetup   Twi7er:    @booksrg8   Lisa       20+  years  tes=ng,  agile  teams  since  2000   Currently  tester  on  Pivotal  Tracker  team   Twi7er:  @lisacrispin   Email:  
  3. 3. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   How  About  You?     Tell  us  a  li7le  about  yourselves!  
  4. 4. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Why  So  Much  Confusion?   Automating is the answer! Let’s hire some SDETs!
  5. 5. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Examples  of  Job  Descrip=ons   •  2+  years  C#  is  a  must   •  2+  years  working  as  a  Quality  Assurance  in  a  SoYware   Engineering  test  capacity   •  2+  web  applica=on  development     •  2+  JavaScript  MVC  framework     •  2+  years  ASP.NET  MVC     •  Ability  to  architect  and  op=mize  test  frameworks  for   key  automa=on  ini=a=ves     •  Integrate  automated  tests  into  con=nuous  integra=on   workflows     •  BDD,  TDD,  Unit  tes=ng,  Jasmine,  SpecFlow  
  6. 6. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   More  Examples  of  Job  Descrip=ons!   •  ASP.NET  Web  API,  RESTful  API  development  or  integra=on     •  Single  Page  Applica=on  (SPA)  development     •  MongoDB  or  other  NoSQL  database     •  Ember.js  or  SproutCore     •  AWS  deployment  and  management,  cloud  automa=on   •  Expert  knowledge  of  relevant  development  tools  &  code   management  repositories  (Netbeans,  Eclipse,  Komodo,  SVN   or  equivalent)   •  High-­‐scale  performance  tuning   •  Competency  in  one  of  the  following  languages:  C,  C++,  Perl,   Java  or  Python  is  a  plus  
  7. 7. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Where  is  the  Confusion  Coming  From?   •  Recruiters   •  Hiring  Managers   •  Testers  
  8. 8. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Ques=on   In  your  current  job,  what  was  the  job  pos=ng  vs.   what  is  it  you  actually  do?  
  9. 9. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   To  code  or  not  to  code,   that  is  the  ques=on!  
  10. 10. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Do  You  Need  to  Learn  How  to  Code?   •  Do  you  want  to  learn  how  to  code?   Ø Then  do  it   •  Do  you  not  want  to  learn  how  to  code?   Ø Then  don’t  do  it  
  11. 11. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Most  Importantly…Don’t  Freak  Out   •  Figure  out  who  YOU  are,  what  are  YOU   interested  in   •  Get  more  technical   Ø Get  more  comfortable  looking  at  code   Ø Know  your  domain   Ø Learn  a  bit  of  SQL,  shell…   Ø Use  IDE  team  uses   Ø Ask  ques=ons   Ø Know  what  you  need  to  add  value    
  12. 12. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   What  is  “Being”  a  Tester?   •  Think  like  a  Tester!   •  Being  a  detec=ve!   •  Ask  the  ques=ons!   •  Communicate!   •  Courage!   •  Learn…learn…and  then  learn  some  more!   •  Is  it  knowing  processes,  wri=ng  test  plans  and   test  cases?   •  Competencies  trump  roles  
  13. 13. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Learn  the  Rules  So  You  Can  Break   the  Rules!  
  14. 14. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Ques=on   What  do  we/you  love  about  it  being  a  tester?  
  15. 15. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Group  Exercise   At  your  table,  write  one  item  per  s=cky  note.   •  What  do  you  do  now  in  your  job?   •  What  would  you  like  to  be  doing?   Each  person  read  your  s=cky  notes  and  place  on   table.  Group  similar  items.   •  Do  any  similar  themes  emerge?  
  16. 16. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Learn  New  Skills     •  Mentors   •  Publica=ons   •  Books   •  Blog  pos=ngs   •  Webinars   •  Conferences   •  Meetups   •  Online  communi=es  
  17. 17. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Exercise     •  Pick  your  top  learning  goals  and  make  a  plan   Ø For  next  week   Ø For  next  month   Ø For  next  six  months   •  Bonus:  Pair  with  a  buddy,  exchange  emails,   keep  each  other  informed  on  your  progress  
  18. 18. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Educate  Others     •  One  of  the  best  ways  to  learn  something  is  to   teach  something!   •  Hold  a  brown  bag  at  work   •  Write.  Get  published!   •  Present  at  conferences   •  Present  at  local  Meetups   •  What  are  some  other  ideas?  
  19. 19. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   Learning  Resources   •  Tes=ng  Resources:  h7ps:// 311371613   •  The  Giant  Mind  Map  of  Testers  to  Follow:  h7ps://   •  Lambert,  Rob,  "T-­‐shaped  Testers  and  Their  Role  In  a   Team",  h7p://­‐shaped-­‐testers-­‐ and-­‐their-­‐role-­‐in-­‐a-­‐team/  ,  2012   •  Levison,  Mark,  "The  Beginner's  Mind  -­‐  An  Approach  to   Listening",  h7p:// beginners_mind,  InfoQ,  2008   •  McMillan,  Darren,  "Mind  Mapping  101",  for  Tes=ng:   h7p://,  2011   •  Pa7on,  Jeff,  User  Story  Mapping,  2014   •  Wynne,  Ma7  and  Aslak  Hellesoy,  The  Cucumber  Book:   Behavior-­‐Driven  Development  for  Testers  and   Developers,  Pragma=c  Programmers,  2012    
  20. 20. Copyright  2015  Teri  Charles  and  Lisa  Crispin   More  Learning  Resources   •  Adzic,  Gojko,  SpecificaGon  by  Example:  How  Successful   Teams  Deliver  the  Right  SoMware,  Manning,  2011   •  Adzic,  Gojko,  Impact  Mapping:  Making  a  Big  Impact   with  SoMware  Products  and  Projects,  2012a  h7p://   •  Gärtner,  Markus,  ATDD  By  Example:  A  PracGcal  Guide  to   Acceptance  Test-­‐Driven  Development,  Addison-­‐Wesley,   2012a   •  Karten,  Naomi,  "Are  You  Listening?",  h7p://­‐you-­‐listening,   Agile  Connec=on,  2009   •  Keogh,  Liz,  h7p://  -­‐  look  for  her  posts  on   BDD,  Real  Op=ons   •  Knight,  Adam  P.,  "T-­‐shaped  Tester,  Square  Shaped   Team",  h7p://­‐shaped-­‐tester-­‐ square-­‐shaped-­‐team/,  2013