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Wednesday 8a.2-intelfuse


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Trees and Utilities Conference 2017

Published in: Environment
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Wednesday 8a.2-intelfuse

  1. 1. Addressing Powerline Bushfire Risk With Technology
  2. 2. Black Saturday Bushfires Victoria, Australia in February 2009 • 173 people died • 414 people injured • 1,000 homes destroyed • caused $4.4 billion of economic damage to the state • Government established focussed research taskforce to improve knowledge on how fires start from powerline faults and how they might be prevented
  3. 3. Industry focus – Powerline Bushfire Risk Technology Convergence 3D Data Capture Big Data Cloud Processing R&D, Data Fusion, Machine Learning, Insight Generation Analytics & Status Works Execution Request & Exchange Data • Open Source • Cloud Computing • Artificial Intelligence • Digital Data • UX UI • Data Mining BI
  4. 4. R&D – Ignition Test Victorian Government (Australia) Powerline Bushfire Safety Program – Vegetation Conduction Ignition Test Report Final
  5. 5. Solving Complex Problems With Technology
  6. 6. This is now possible Mass Data Insightful Data Focused Data Point Cloud Tree & Asset Model R.O.W Risk Strategy RISK MATRIX IMPACT Negligible Minor Moderate Significant Severe LIKELIHOOD Very Likely Low Med Medium Med Hi High High Likely Low Low Med Medium Med Hi High Possible Low Low Med Medium Med Hi Med Hi Unlikely Low Low Med Low Med Medium Med Hi Very Unlikely Low Low Low Med Medium Medium
  7. 7. Usable Outcomes - Focusing on Risk and Cost Low Cost High Cost High Risk (5) More Acceptable Risk (0) Utility 1 X Benchmark Cost and Risk • Normalised cost per Structure • Risk – (outcome reported) Utility 2 Utility 3 Utility 4 Utility 5 Utility 6 $200 $450 • Current Cost • Deferred Cost • Optimised Cost • Average Costs • Benchmark Costs • Future Estimated Costs • Fire Risk • Outage Risk • Tree Health Risk • Simulated Condition Risk • Future Estimated Risk • Consequence Weighting – Maximum Foreseeable Loss