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Guilherme Mosaner - Zazcar


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CSA Conference 2018

Published in: Business
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Guilherme Mosaner - Zazcar

  1. 1. What about...
  2. 2. First car sharing operation in Latin America (since 2009) Relaunched operation in july 2016 using proprietary technology, developed from the ground up: in-car technology and native iOS and Android Apps. Founding member of the CSA
  3. 3. We are a CAR ON DEMAND network Select your car Choose beetwenprice and time options Go to the car and open it with the app To finish the trip, return the car to same spot and lock it with the app.
  4. 4. Inside Zazcar 300k downloads 50k + enrollments 150 cars (round trip) 15 “first trip” per day Available 24x7 in all expanded center
  6. 6. Demand 3rd Quarter had +2,9x enrollments vs LY We are entering growh stage
  7. 7. “We download the app when we want to use...” Signed: ¾ of our costumers Demand
  8. 8. “How can we scale up revenues without scaling costs?” Signed: 100% of our investors Demand
  9. 9. U$ 90,31 Is the price of an “official” driver’s license (with fake data) in the black market Challenges
  10. 10. Our strategy: Focus on prevention Strategy Enrollment Monitoring Recovery 70 1020/ /
  11. 11. Where we are? Last monthKPI Results 52% of new users were approved in up to 5min
  12. 12. Value already captured Results jan fev mar abr mai jun jul ago set Time to be approved vs number of new users new users avg time
  13. 13. The value already captured Where weare “No bureaucracy is a differentiation” “My life became easier and more practical”
  14. 14. Key learnings Q: Build or Buy? ➢ Unbundle suppliers and assemble your self Q: Testing, speed versus safety ➢ Paralell deploying: Live testing with safety Q: How to create a culture of on going change on the process? ➢ Everybody on board from day one. And don´t panic. Learnings
  15. 15. Guilherme Mosaner - COO