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Presentation by Steph McAllister | Framework Foundatio


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Presentation by Steph McAllister ,Manager Systems and Impact Reporting, Framework Foundation for the 2015-16 NASO gathering.

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Presentation by Steph McAllister | Framework Foundatio

  1. 1. ç√ Is your organization ready to collaborate? ç√ Steph McAllister Manager Systems and Impact Reporting, Framework Foundation; @smcallister_
  2. 2. ç√ Collaborative Technologies ç√ ● Cloud-based applications ● Open APIs and Integrations ● Alternatives to Email ● Shareability ● Automation ● Data Collection and Analysis
  3. 3. ç√ Make Admin Beautiful ç√ ● Forget about efficiency, focus on experience ● Aesthetically minded people make some of the best technologists ● Technology is a medium and is fantastically malleable ● Your administrative systems and activities can reflect your organization’s principles ● Be inspired by the necessity of change
  4. 4. First Steps ç√ ● Recognize the depth of change needed, and plan/budget accordingly ● Choose one project and pilot new systems and tools ● Consider using a collaborative project to share the change management burden ● When hiring new staff, research skills are as important as hard skills ● Consider having a CTO or CDO on your board