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Blagica petrovac sikic


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ARTof.HR 2 Conference presentations.

Published in: Education
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Blagica petrovac sikic

  1. 1. What we will talk about… § About PLIVA § Employee engagement § Why we started to focus on employee wellbeing § Few examples what we implemented and future steps
  2. 2. 5
  3. 3. Improving health, making people feel better
  4. 4. Engagement survey § Voice from our employees § On yearly basis, Hay engagement survey § Participation rate over 80% § Actions on engagement for all employees
  5. 5. Croatia employees Engagement § Employees are in general very engaged § Activities that we are focused in last several years are bringing results and higher engagement § Focus on specific issues based on employees needs
  6. 6. Croatia employees Engagement § Very strong in acting on survey – very positive results § Quality and customer focus, corporate and social responsibility, with developmental opportunities are best in TEVA Group § Management people processes and confidence in leaders are very strong
  7. 7. Different ways of working now days
  8. 8. Our people telling us • One part of survey that was perceived as opportunity: „My business unit supports me in achieving a reasonable balance between my work life and my personal life” • Actions after survey: – Focus groups with different groups of employees (from production workers to mid/top managers) – Awareness communication* – Several projects design * Specially on benefits that are part of CLA
  9. 9. Well- being § Culture, leadership and people management for fully integrated well-being approach § General well-being is driving engagement * CIPD well-being pyramid
  10. 10. Healthy Workplace PLIVA Program Holistic approach to our employees’ work and personal lives
  11. 11. Healthy Workplace PLIVA Program § Program is designed to support overall well-being and health of PLIVA employees § This innovative approach to employee health incorporates: § work/life effectiveness initiatives and programs § emphasizing wellness and prevention creating a culture of health § self-care management and long-term health outcomes culture that supports and reinforces healthy lifestyle choices § holistic approach to our employees’ work and personal lives, and offer a variety of resources that help achieve overall positive well-being
  12. 12. HWP Goals Have healthy and happy employees
  14. 14. Healthy Nutrition § Green corner in cafeteria § Opportunities to make healthy choice for lunch § Breakfast § Nutritional counseling § Different types of educations on heathy meals and lifestyle § Healthy snacks on company events (smoothies are hit!)
  15. 15. 20 Text here Heathy nutrition newsletters
  16. 16. Proactive Communication § Education about health prevention and different benefits § Communication to inspire well-being!
  17. 17. Education § Healthy nutrition education § Health and preventive education § Mindset shift education § Stress reduction education and workshops § School of happiness § Life coaching education etc.
  18. 18. Fitness at work § Medical gymnastic designed for specific jobs with professional physiotherapists § Yoga & aerobic § Stretching at work § Various activities related to exercises and making better days
  19. 19. PLIVA Active workplace § Active breaks at work § Active corporate events & stretching at corporate events § Standing meetings § Active team building activities
  20. 20. PLIVA Sport society § Company sponsored sport society for employees and their families § Different individual and corporate teams § Team work and collaboration § New employees on- boarding into HWP
  21. 21. Steps vs. Elevator No elevator day! New campaign to promote walking and active lifestyle
  22. 22. Work-life balance § Flexible working hours* § Possibility to work from home § „Autonomy” in creation of working hours/work time § Effective meetings educations and culture § Communication tips and tricks to decrease off-working hours e-mails § Change of performance Management culture * Except production/shift employees
  23. 23. Mind & Body Stress Reduction Programs § Inspire employees to take charge of their health § School of Happiness § Do-In exercises § Yoga classes § Active breading and many more… J
  24. 24. 29 Meditation & Breathing WORLD’S LARGEST EVER BREATHING CLASS
  25. 25. Dancing & Having fun
  26. 26. Next ideas in HWP project § Outdoor fitness in every location § Wi-Fi free zones (this one will be interesting to implement) & E-mail free time project § Areas for relaxation and reflection … And looking forward to other M&B activities
  27. 27. Our philosophy § Healthy, engaged and happy employees are critical to the success of our company § PLIVA – it is all about people!
  28. 28. Thank you October 2016